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Rider Analysis For Potential C.o.d.e. Race In '14...


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Hi, all. Wanted to get some opinions/constructive criticism on my riding. Currently trying to figure out how to begin my 2014 season, as I got my CRA (MN) novice race license in June. Didn't really have the greatest time being it was my first time back at BIR since a T7 off last August, so I had some mental demons to conquer. Got past it at a following trackday (got bumped to Adv) and really found some decent speed at the last td of the year on Labor Day.


I want to start next season off with more instruction. I took Lvls 1 & 2 at Infineon in April '12 and it helped me tremendously over the past 2 seasons. I know Lvl 3 focuses more on body positioning, but I feel like I pretty much have it dialed in (some tweaks needed, but should be minor). My biggest issue is when I come up on a rider that I'm slightly quicker than, yet I can't get myself to commit to a pass. I never attempt to pass on the outside at the exit, so I'm usually trying to line them up to shoot past on the inside @ exit. I need to work on setting proper entry speeds so I'm not relying so much on torque to get me past at exit...or else I stay stuck behind the rider for 2 or more laps to get a good run on the corner coming onto the fastest section of track.


So my question for you all is do you think I'd be better served to do Lvls 3 & 4 of CSS, or is the CODE Race program the better fit for my need in skill development? Maybe a combo of both (Level 3 day before attending the 2day race school)?










Thanks in advance!



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Level 3 and CODERACE. Your body position does look good, but some nice pieces in C/R you'd like I imagine. Getting into CODERACE is the trickiest part now...they've been filling way early! The new schedule will come out in mid-Nov, get right on it! We even had a CODERACE added in the middle of the year, that never even went on the website! That might be an anomaly, it just worked out and we put in the waiting list guys from the earlier one.

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I agree with Cobie on the ideal levels to do moving forward. Also, Lvl 3 is definitely about MORE than body position! We cover BP on Lvl 2 and if possible you ride the lean bike then too. Lvl 3 goes more into how you can best position and move your body on the machine for maximum benefit. About how to move around with the most stability and where to move to. It's cool.

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Thanks for the response, Cobie! I figured the L3 + CR would be the right choice, especially considering how rusty I'll be after Sept 2 being my last time on a track until then.


Very much appreciate the heads up on the schedule release timeframe. I'll make sure to be ready with the school deposit by that time. :-)

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I took Level 1-4 in two year (1+2 first year, 3+4 second year), and then retook level 3+4 the year after (and since then a host of Level 4s). Last year, I did two level 4's as a two-day camp at Big Willows, and then CodeRACE the following two days.


I agree with Cobie and Warner about taking level 3 first. Level 4 is customized to your needs.


As for your BP, the only thing I noticed on the posted pics is that you seem to have a very long thighbone (welcome to the club!), which could makes it hard for you to get a good lock-on to the tank/bike.


It's allowed to pass closer on CodeRACE than on a usual CSS day, and they have a passing drill. However, my drill partner had never passed anyone on the track until we did the drill, so I didn't get much value from it. I did have much value from Jon 'Gloom', though :)


Cobie: how's Gloom's new knees doing, btw?

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