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California Superbike School Student Wera Regional Formula 3 Champion

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Level 3 Report from the Streets of Willow


My dad got home at 3:00pm from work on Friday and we packed and left for the Street of willow at 5:00 and we got there at 1:00 in the morning then woke up at 5:30. When we got there we could already tell it was going to be a hot day. I was really looking forward to getting more comfortable on the RS125 two stroke. We passed tech and then registered and then it was time to learn. Level 3 in a sense was about body position and merging with the bike and it really helped me. One of my favorite things we did was the knee to knee drill. Mickey was my coach for the day I really liked him and we got along good together. When I would come in from a track session I would tell him how I felt. Then he would tell me what I can do better and I would go back out and fix it.

Since this was not a Code Race day or a club race day and most riders ride were student street riders we couldn’t pass unless we are 6 feet away and I got told to try not to pass very close and then I got black flagged for passing to close As a racer it comes as kind of as an instinct to me and I got too excited and I forgot. I really wasn’t even close to my race pace. I got sort of bummed about it but when I thought about it a little more and talked to my Dad I realized I had made a mistake. I felt like I was getting faster each session when applying what I learned in the class room to the track. The last session of the day I got stuck behind a lot of people for mainly the whole session and I was more worried about getting black flagged again than just passing them quick and safe. I kind of beat myself up for that and you could notice that in my riding as well. So after the day we were going to figure out what we wanted to do on Sunday because we had planned going to race on Sunday at big Willow but there was no one in my class so we talked with Trevor and Dylan and asked if we could do another level if there was an open spot or a no –show for school. The next day we got their and Trevor said that there is a spot open for level 4 but I told him we really didn’t plan for it so Trevor and Dylan Code let me ride during lunch by myself with Josh and another coach to ride and work on things. I could go as fast as I can and it was a blast! I told Trevor I was sorry for my behavior about getting frustrated on the last session on Saturday.

But before it was my track time I asked Trevor if I could have job in the morning and he directed my to the ladies who work the school who put me to work helping out. I made sure all the coolers were full of water at all times and other things. I liked helping and talking to the students.

I worked with coach Josh during lunch and had some fun riding fast because there was just me and the corner workers and some coaches riding and I got more confident pinning it and flew through the kink after the back strait and I could keep it pinned hard through turn one up the hill. That was very cool.

I also met the representative from Schuberth Helemts and together we found a helmet that really worked for me. With every helmet I have used before I always had trouble getting my head up far enough while cornering really low to see down track far enough. It was because of the shell size and the view port and all my helmets have always contacted my suit in the back. They let me wear their helmet and try it out. I could finally see far down track during corner exits and it really helped me a lot! The ventilation really works and the comfort was amazing. It didn’t feel like I was wearing a helmet at all! I want one!

Over all it was an awesome weekend and I can’t wait to go again in October!I want to thank California Superbike School with Dylan Code, Josh, Trevor, Will and all the coaches and staff and my sponsors, Go Arizona Motorcycles, Podium Motorsports-Pirelli, Impact Safety Armor, Hazardous Racing, Ten10 Graphics and all my friends

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