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Alpinestars Vs Dainese.

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A major problem with the Hit Air is that it doesn't cover the side of the shoulders (first hand experience resulting in a shoulder separation). As noted in the previous posts is also bulkier, you have to remember to clip it before each session race and it is not really cheap: half the time the textile shreds after impact and you have to replace it with a new one. I rather save money in bike parts than in a suit airbag.

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On 11/14/2013 at 8:43 AM, Pepsi Drinker said:







just so I have no one companies interests displayed :rolleyes:

Here is an honorable mention, best online store where you can buy Alpinestars Riding Gears, Dainese Riding Gears, Agv Helmets and all other Superbike related products is https://riderscloseout.com/ 

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On 3/12/2019 at 12:34 PM, Hotfoot said:

Anybody wearing the Alpinestars Missile suit and airbag have any feedback on that system? I see they FINALLY announced a woman's version of the Tech-Air compatible suit. I'm giving that a serious look, seems like broken collarbones are a pretty common racing injury and I would prefer to keep mine intact. I had been looking at the Hit Air vests but didn't want to have to mess around with putting it over the leathers right before a race, or with the tether - seems like it would be too easy to forget to unclip yourself!

BTW, does anyone know if Alpinestars has a showroom in SO CA that might have the women's suits in stock to try on? I'm not really sure of my size as I have been wearing custom suits, plus I wonder if the vest and back protector affect the size and fit of the suit.

I am very interested to hear how you find the fit for women. I would rather not buy too many suits!

On a side note, does anyone use a Leatt neck brace with their leathers? I am considering one of these too 

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