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How Many Forum Participants In Socal?

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If there a few of us here, might be kinda fun to meet and do something (don't know what yet). First question is to see how many of you guys are in SoCal.


Sound off if you are in SoCal!


It's been 80 degrees for days on end, would love some weather (bet the whole east coast would love OUR weather).


Aside from all the stunning girls out here, it is the reason to live in Calif, great weather (I'm sure that's not PC, too bad).



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Actually never been there, and don't have any appropriate machinery...I'll look into that.


Other options might be a social event to, just an idea.

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Hey, that is an excellent idea, having the AMA teams there will make it a particularly fun day.


I'll be there racing that weekend, so I'll be there for sure.


Anybody else going to be out there? It is easy and inexpensive to get into Auto Club Speedway to watch the WERA races. I'm not sure if the gate fee will change with the special series, but probably not and it is normally only $10 per person.

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It went GREAT! The whole weekend was terrific, and I met all my personal goals for riding and racing. I ran two races, and got a first and a second, and that put me in first place in the championship points for two different classes. Plus, I got to spend some time Friday testing the SuperSingle and made some nice improvements on the handling.


Having the pro teams there made it really exciting, there were tons of fans and our pit was busy all day long with visitors, it made for a really fun weekend.


CSS student Nic Swensgard was racing, too, and did a great job, he got a WIN and a third in his races. I got to spent a fair amount of time with him - what a pleasure he is to be around, he is very polite, confident and well-spoken and of course he rode really well, I look forward to watching his race career unfold.


This was a very nice event for WERA, and I just saw this article about Evelyne, the owner - I think it is worth sharing!


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