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Newbie #firstpost

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Hi Everyone


Great to be on such an amazing forum filled with so much knowledge. I live in Lagos Nigeria but sadly we don’t have any race track in the country or in West Africa yet (sad face). Anyways I’m a newbie learnt to ride last year and also got my first bike: a 2010 CB600Hornet and afterwards a 2011 CBR600RR. My wife says it’s all early mid life crisis lol :D


A good friend who attended the South Africa CSS some years back recommended TOTW2 and also to attend the CSS level 1 & 2. Every time I read the book, I learn something new. Great stuff


I've signed up for CSS Level 1 & 2 at the willow springs track in California. Long trip but I’m certain it will be worth it. What’s the weather like in October?


See you guys there.



I would really like to learn to wheelie too! :rolleyes:



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Hey welcome to the forums,


Your friends advice is probably spot on, and I'm sure your going to have a great time doing levels 1 + 2 in October. The weather here in California has been a bit hotter than usual, so its hard to guess exactly what the weather will be like out there, but normally October is pretty nice reasonable weather out at the track. Though I'm betting your probably well acclimated to the heat living that close to the equator.



What is the traffic and road conditions like where you live ? Everything I can recall seeing on TV that involved driving in that part of the world looked a bit on the hectic side, I'd venture to guess its a dangerous place to be a motorcyclist ?





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Many Thanks Tyler


Hot is good, its rainy season so the bikes are under d covers.


The weekday traffic is major crazy in Lagos but the road hazard is far worse and dangerous. We always have to keep an eye out for people crossing highways, motorcycles & tricycles going in the wrong direction, street hawkers trying to sell stuff in traffic and bad road. But riders always find a nice route out of the city on weekends !



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