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Code R.a.c.e.

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Off the top of my head I say if you're this interested to ask the question and our School accept's your'e application you are ready. Ask more experienced than I what you should bring. Read all preps carefully and go. With Code race I believe you are pampered and treated wih kid gloves as much as getting the skills and giving you the steely determination to race and win...from a rider who has never been at a code race School. I know one thing for sure...you will race.

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The three top things that came to my mind as important factors for [my] decision making (others may view this much differently of course):


1) Are you interested in trying racing (now, or later, or whatever)?


2) Are you confident enough to ride within feet (maybe inches) of other riders, and quite possibly several (or a dozen even) of them at any one time?


3) Are you confident enough with people passing you closely and possibly in circumstances which might make you adjust your line (as they go up the inside, or whatever), and can you do the same to them given the opportunity?


Just ideas to think about...

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I asked Cobie about this at my level 1&2 camp because at the time they were planning to have a Code RACE at NJMP not too far from me. The main take-aways I got from that conversation were that there was a baseline set of skills needed and but that it's more about what you want to do? Are you feeling the need to test your skills against something other than a clock?


I'm hoping Cobie or others will chime in here too. My plan for next year is to go back to a level 3/4 camp at Barber and then decide if more level 4 days are in my future or Code RACE in the fall (or both). I'm thinking I'll likely be a repeat offender at the level 4 days after that - at least until they get tired of seeing me. I really like the class/camp program that CSS offers.

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I need to qualify my remarks here as it's been ten years since I did Code RACE but I can tell you it is NOT like a regular school. I did it at the Streets and I remember telling Cobie at the first session that since I had never been to that track before I was going to approach the first practice session with the No brakes Drill. he just looked at me like I didn't quite understand what I had signed up for. Well I quickly found out. Roger Lee Hayden passed me like nothing I have ever experienced up to that point in my life and it didn't get any better from there.


It is a RACE SCHOOL, not a Cornering School. That's not to say that all of what you learned in levels I-IV isn't important, it's that it is about RACING!!!!!! That six foot rule the School enforces - it doesn't exist at Code RACE. Your track sessions are timed sessions just like they are at CCS, WERA or MotoGP for that matter and your times matter! You race at the end of both days and your grid position is set as a result of your best lap time.


You will have drills but they are very different from a regular School including cornering inside and outside standard corner lines, braking and down shifting and others drills and oh by the way the coaches are standing there with clip boards writing their observations like a naval carrier landing. And if you didn't know this, the students are gridded in the first rows, then there is an empty row and lined up from there are THE COACHES. Yes, you are racing them as well.


It was the most intense track experience of my life but it did give me a solid foundation for my getting my CCS License later that year. YRMV.



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If you are thinking of getting into racing, CodeRACE is a good way to start. You will learn race procedures, and get to practice starts, qualifying, and gridding up for a race, and run a race at the end of each day, and getting a ton of coaching all along the way. You will learn about passing, and as Kevin says above, close passing is allowed and you will experience it. :)


If you have already taken levels 1-3 of the school, and want to start racing, or are feeling constrained by the pace of other students or the polite passing rules of the regular school, you might want to attend CodeRACE. CodeRACE is a very relaxed format but the pace on track is typically quite fast and very focused on racing techniques, and would incorporate heavier braking, strategic selection of lines, and a lot of emphasis on lowering your lap time. There is a TON of riding and a TON of individual coaching, not very much classroom time, and as Kevin says most of the practice sessions are rather similar to a race organization practice session - except you have coaching to help you get faster!


CodeRACE is fun - it's fun for the coaches too - but if you want to improve your riding in a more relaxed, ride-at-your-own-pace way, Level 4 might be a better choice - but if you are thinking of club racing, CodeRACE is a great way to get started. CodeRACE was my first entrance into racing and I was very glad I did it - having that familiarity with start procedures, flag procedures, gridding, qualifying, close passing, etc. made my first club race a LOT less intimidating.

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