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Experience Before Schools

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Hi...Back in 1989 I bought zxr 750 H1 and rode this until I sold it in 1991.


So with only 2 years riding experience 15 years ago when I was young and na?ve. I am now in the position to purchase another bike.


I am assuming that the little experience I do have and the fact I have not ridden in all that time will not prevent me from learning from the level 1 class, indeed, perhaps getting the training in as soon as possible will increase my levels of safety, awareness and enjoyment? Any other new riders out there thinking about taking classes or even suggestions to my plan?


I live in the uk and may even make a holiday of it somehwere abroad!


Cheers Guys

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Thanks for your response, what you say makes sense. I am really excited about this learning.


I have just received three of Keith's books from amazon and can't wait to put into practice what is suggested, ah but what bike do I buy?


PS: Nice site JeF4y



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You just need to be able to ride without putting much attention on the controls to do the school. As long as you can comfortabley ride around town without having to think too much about using the clutch, brakes and throttle then you are ready for the school.


The Superbike School is just not for a pure beginner that does not know how to ride at all, they would be better off doing the MSF course here in the states or something simular first.

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