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Body Steering

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I was trying to work out the real deal with what BS is.

It is anything you do with your body to change the direction of the bike. If you don't hold the bars and move from side to side the bike will CS itself in an effort to become stable again. So if the bike will naturally CS and the rider is A body then anything the rider does to the bike to get it to change direction is BS. Therefore CS is BS, as the rider used his body to effect the bars causing a change in direction.


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I?ve tried searching the net, to get a definition of Body-Steering (BS). Even tried searching for Counter-Steering (CS). But I couldn?t find anything there that I felt I could use (BS), or that matched my awareness of my usage (CS). They?ve even got a complex formula for steering a motorcycle (don?t see how this helps peeling into a 200+ kph corner without a scientific calculator).


I do understand that I do use my body to assist, increase effectiveness, stabilise and turn the bike (hook turn, pivot steer, hip-flick, pick-up, leaning with the bike, counter-steer, etc ?). Is this what they are calling Body-Steering? Or, am I going to steer (control the change of direction) using my body, without using the handlebars? :blink:


I?ve got some corners to burn this Saturday, to get some awareness on this Body-Steering. Firstly I need to find some more information on how it?s applied. I?ve also got a road bike and a very large empty car park about 20 minutes away, where I can amuse the locals :P


Does anyone have any spare pillows that they?d like to donate to this exercise? I?ve got plenty of gaffa-tape to fix the pillows to my leathers. Oh ? and a donor bike would also be appreciated (Ssshhhh ? don?t tell Steve) :lol:



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i was just involved in a discussion about BS and CS on the R6 messagenet, and came up with almost the same response to the physics confusion:


i would posit that body steering (FWIW) is not different in its physics from countersteering. the same thing happens, just without the manual handlebar input (the most effective part).


when you use your body. feet, knees, anything besides your hands to try to turn the motorcycle, you are moving the chassis to one side, which as a result also sends the front end in the opposite direction (around the pivot point of the steering stem, and into a CS)...think of the bike as two pieces of wood with a pivot connecting them; if you move the back one so it points to the right, the left will not follow, but its back end will pivot to leave the front end pointing to the left (CS position).


that is STILL a countersteer, albeit a realllllly ineffective one.

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I think the answer is what is steering to you. If arcing a bike around a football field is steering then you can steer a two wheeled machine with your body. If steering is slamming it into a corner faster than you can imagine then the only way is to CS.


If you think the first way then let the wind take you in the direction you are looking for because it will be just as effective.


When racing it takes a tremendous amount of physical effort, why work harder than you need to when all it takes is a push.

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