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About Your Crash.....

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post-880-1137318985_thumb.jpgpost-880-1137318819_thumb.jpgWould ya'll like to hear more about the crash? I thought so. But first, save the "Idiot lectures"....Ahh! never mind. I can't stop you and another "You stupid, ignorant, moronic idiot what were you thinking?" lecture or two certainly couldn't hurt as much as, or should I say, do as much damage as, a crash like this could've. (friends, family, 20 year marraige, 15 year old son and 10 year old daughter.) BTW I never told my family just a few close riding buddies. Neutral chamber, brushed concrete, slightly decreasing left hander @ 50. I take this turn all the time but, well you know the story. I take it in my GMC 1 ton van at 20 or 25 holding my lane and not squeeling anything. Like I said, I was on my butt so fast, it had to be something other than rider input. There was absolutely no warning. I never even puckered up! Arai has, once again, saved my life. There was a parked semi around and down the way a bit and well.. you get the picture. I bounced off the ground flipped around back first and into the rear end of said tractor trailer, leading with the back of my Arai Signet GT. Folding me up and back on the pavement for a third impact with the rear wheels( No wait....pavement, head in trailer, pavement and then wheels) so that would be the fourth impact and then pavement and slide to a stop. On a track this would've been a laughable crash at best. I'ts all funny till someone gets hurt. And that's why I'm telling it. Knee dragging is for the track! I can't wait for the new season. My track, "The Motorsport Ranch" in Ft. Worth,Texas just added 2.7 miles to go from a 1.7 mile technical to a 4.4 mile multi-track.....uh, track! I can't wait! I don't race.....yet but, sure would if someone could afford it for me. Pics of the Arai, and the new paint job. I do the body work and paint myself. Not quite factory but, looks real good at 60.



Control is only an illusion.

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Now, tell this story to an old sage who has been riding sportingly for years. Notice how they say very little and ask you no questions. They "know". No one goes out and says, "I'm going to bin it hard today." So when you crash, the natural mindset is to look for every reason possible why you crashed that has absolutely nothing to do with you. The fact that you have told few people seems to lend some credence to this.


If your looking for a, "Sorry dude, that sux." Then, sorry dude that does really suck. But I suspect that some time down the road, and after a bit of reflection, you will come to an understanding about what you did wrong. Yes, it is possible that the gremlins of random chance leapt in front of you, but I doubt it.


I have never crashed where I was not immediately sure that something "caused" me to crash. I went so far one time to search in vain for debris in the road that simply was not there. After some reflection, I usually become aware of what I did wrong and stop deceiving myself. At that point, I can learn from I did and move on.


That is about as close as I can get to bashing. :)

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nothing like a little anonymous truth from one of the gods.

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i've never had a crash where i didn't know why and mused at the stories of other riders who didn't know why they had crashed.

then, one day, it happened. i was dumbfounded and humbled myself in silent apology to everyone that ever suffered the same fate.


the instance...

going into t1 at beaverun on my second lap, i threw it in as hard as i ever have. next thing i knew, i was bike and body on the ground, sliding off the track, asking myself, "i'm crashing?!?"


turns out, i had a failing front tire warmer. michelin no sticky when cold. :(

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