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Barber Motorsports Park May 2020

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So are we!!!

Hey guys!  I got the email that Barbers is a "GO!" I'll be rolling into the track infield in the trailer Saturday or Sunday and leaving Friday or Saturday.  So, if anyone see this rig and th

Yes, SO looking forward to not riding a desk for a while :).  

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Currently I'm signed up for the One Day, and the Half Camp.  I'm on stby for the Two Day.

Ideally I want to do the Half Camp and the Two Day.  I prefer the smaller student to coach ratio, plus getting to ride the 'specialty bikes' and the video bike.  

I'm still really learning this whole track mentality and it's fun.

@Dedicated54 - Cheers!  When they get that dang bridge fixed y'all can stop using my exit (22) to commute to work!  Lol. Seriously, I hope that hasn't affected you.   

To your Level question.  Red Baron is spot on.  Whatever your first day there is, it's Level 1.  Then your second day, be it the next day or next year, will be Level 2, etc.  I did a regular Day for Level 1, then Half camp for Level 2, then Two Day covering Levels 3 & 4.  I'm technically a Level 4 from now on.... 

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16 hours ago, Hotfoot said:

I look forward to seeing you guys at Barber!

Yes, though we’ve never directly worked together, I always look forward to seeing the entire CSS team.

It almost feels like extended family to me, but even better, because it’s always more than a pleasure. 

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