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Wish Me Luck This Weekend


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It's finally here, the weekend I've been waiting for ages. Ruapuna Raceway in Christchurch, on New Zealands beautiful South Island.


I'm quite new to this forum, but have been reading Keith's words of wisdom for some time in his books, DVD and on this forum.


It's now time to take stock and try to string some of the things I have learned together. Unfortunately I won't have the luxury of having Keith there to guide me and tell me what I am doing wrong, but I can, at least take it step by step, some things that I feel I need to work on in order to bring down those lap times and gain more self confidence.


I have made a priority list for myself for reference, to try to follow a sort of plan. 1. Don't charge the turns 2. Set your corner speed earlier 3.Try to get on the throttle earlier...etc, etc.


Day one fri: Is an open track day, no format, just go out and get some laps in. Saturday is a formal training day run by Motorcycling Canterbury, instructed by some of the top NZ guys. Sunday is a club race, where I will be competing in the "Clubmans" class.


Thanks to all of you (especially Racer)who have offered some solutions to some of my hang ups and took the time and patience to reply.


Hopefully one day I will get the chance to take part in a Superbike School.


I'll let you know how I get on next week.


Thanks all.

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Good luck!

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post-1286-1162203745_thumb.jpgpost-1286-1162203792_thumb.jpgI had an awesome weekend.


I put lots into practice including quicker turn ins, using the pegs more to shift weight instead of trying to slide.


Had a great race on sunday with some great battles with other bikes and even managed to knock 4 secs of my previous best lap time.


But the best lesson from the weekend was that I learned to relax more and above all......breathe! it works wonders!


Oh and a I got on the throttle earlier and stronger.


Need more track time, roll on the next session.

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Hey Alan,


Four seconds? Wow! That's awesome!


I agree! Breathing is a GOOD thing! :D


Sounds like somebody enjoyed themselves. Glad to hear it!


I'm jealous! <_<


Gotta run.





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