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Having just reset up my bike, forgive me I am a newbie so some terms may sound a little off, but having just reset everything up, the bike now feels like the front wheel wants to push itself into the turn, as i need to countersteer to counteract this feeling. ie I countersteer to bank the bike over and as i do the wheel wants to turn into the turn.... I'm sure you know what I mean.

Bike is a 2001 R1 with the promach triples. not understanding full terms, but they change the rake? angle up front for better turn in, stock forks barring internal changes, raised 8mm in triples. nothing changed geometry wise.


It's setup just the same as it was with the stock triples and they felt perfect.....?

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I'd start by dropping your forks at least 6mm. It sounds like you created an oversteer problem with your new triple clamps.


I have no idea why you would do something to "quicken" the steering for an R1. It sounds like you tuned the rideability out of it, now you need to tune it back in.


I'd check the compression damping on the forks. I like to be able to push it about 2/3rds of the way through the stroke when I am seated on the bike, holding the front brake, and pushing down.

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Hey ghost_r1,


If you can give me all the numbers including the new and old clamp angles as well as the tire sizes and state of wear I will try to help sort what is going on for you.


I'm glad you brought this up specifically because it touches on something of a pet peeve of mine. Namely the correct concepts, functions and definitions of "rake" and "trail". I feel some less than clear or complete definitions, descriptions and functions have been put forth on this website and I'd like to take this opportunity to try to clear it up for myself.


I don't have time to get all into it today but please give us some more detailed info on your front end and I will get back as soon as I can.




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