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Let's Try This Again!

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I'm back after one very eventful and ROM limiting shoulder surgery, resulting in constant pain and limited ability to street ride, let alone hit the track. Followed by a second surgery to correct what the first surgeon screwed up. I am now pain free, great ROM in the 90+ percentile range. Training has been consistent and steady to regain strength. It has been a long recovery, but I am ready for VIR 29 July. Looking forward to finally being able to attend my first CSS school.

My ride: 2013 track only R6 with a 2017 retro-fit kit. stock motor, Bauce Racing tuned. It was a long project spanning the winter of 2022 and some of the spring 2023. I took my time on the build, checked, checked and rechecked everything and replaced anything that looked questionable from being in the Fla salt air where the bike originated.  A clean and well prepped bike is a safe bike and a safe bike is a confidence builder.  


Hope to see you there and meet, chat, learn with like-minded people.

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For sure I'll see you there, please come and see me first thing in the morning!



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