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MM93 Crash Insights


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Bare in mind we are talking about an individual who in the past, seems to have possessed godlike abilities. Well until you look at his nearly career ending crash. Since then, all you hear from him is, it’s the bike, its the bike. However, if you look at his crashes, they are of the same, tucking of the front scenario, so I feel it is something he is doing, like trail braking with too much force and not a smooth release of the brake, upsetting the chassis and a shift of weight to the rear, unloading the front.

I think his problem is taking up real estate in his own mind and he seems to be stuck on the it’s the bikes fault instead of clearing your mind and approaching it with a, I need to fix this I want to win another championship.


IMHO, his championship days are over. He will be competitive, up front, but nothing more.


What are your thoughts on this? 

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