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Data Logging....

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I need to start collecting data so that I can work abit more logically at improving my times. I have nothing at the moment, so I am thinking a good lap timer for my bike would be a start. Has anyone got any liked/disliked brands, models etc.





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I personally use a modified stop watch attached to the steering head bracket. A push button on the left handle bar is wired in parallel to the stop watch to trigger a lap time. I can record complete laps, and/or segment times (I use the overhead signage as a reference).


The 100 lap memory stop watch cost $25 and push button (with wires) was $5.00.


Just remember, all this data that you're collecting is no good if you don't write it down, including notes. Make photocopies of the page 'Race Day Record' from either of the 'Twist Of The Wrist' books. On the other side, photocopy a diagram of the track. When you make any changes (suspension, tire pressure, gearing, weather conditions etc) note them all down. Write everything down; thoughts, ideas, plans. And when you review your notes at a later time, write more notes.


Where is the best value? Pen and paper. :rolleyes:



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The button on the handlebar is a MX Kill Switch (red button in picture), the wires from the MotorX switch go into the stopwatch, the wires are soldered to the connectors of the split/lap button switch inside. I start the stopwatch before I leave the pits. Now when I press the red button the handle bar, it simulates the the split/lap button being pressed.


The stopwatch in the picture is over 4 years old, and I need to change the battery about every year. There are around six clones of this stopwatch that I know of, after they saw this setup. :)


Hope the above pictures in the links help.



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Hay there Kevin.

You could alwaise get one of new Aprilia's they now have lap timers standard in the new bikes.

expencive stop watch but hay wat a statement ;)

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