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How Much Is Too Much?

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I am attending the feb24 school at Sears Point for a level I class. This is my vacation and I was planning on making it a full on riding vacation by attending some other trackdays also. My question is how much of a physical demand on the body are trackdays? This will be my first time riding on a track and am signed up for 1 trackday and then the class 2days later however I want to schedual another 1 or maybe even 2. Whats the limit here? Would it be safe to go 4 consecutive days on the track or does fatigue figure in.Right now I am leaning towards sun trackday tues school thurs trackday. Any input from you guys familiar to track riding would be appreciated.

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While Sears doesn't put the same demand on you as say the streets of willow, it is a physically demanding track. Combine that with your nervous energy... you will most likely be tense on your bike... I would rec a one day break between schools or 2 back to back and then a day breather.

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This is an interesting area of riding all in itself. How much evergy and how much physical fitness is needed to ride for _____ amount of time. When you come to the school your sessions will be 20 to 30 minutes in length which I believe to be perfect. The whole thing on physical fitness is focus. DO you have enough physical strength or conditioning to work the bike and not get your attention on your bodey while you are doing it. Once you get tired your attention is drawn in and that is the opposite of what you need on a motorcyle, that is when your focus is blown and that is when you will start to make mistakes.


The best way to start out is with a good night's sleep and that is sometimes hard for someone who has little or no track riding expereince and even hard for some who have had lots of it. Get up to the area of Sears and make sure you get a good nights rest is the best advice I can give you.



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