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A Writeup About My Experiences Pre-css, During And Post

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I did the 2-day camp at Streets of Willow Springs on April 24-25. I just posted a writeup about my experiences as a guide to other riders that are thinking about taking the school. Hope folks find it useful.




I still don't have any good "after" pictures from the school or from my trackday since, but I'll add them on when I have them.


And to the CSS folks: Thank you for everything you guys did for me! I feel like a new person and a way better, safer rider this year than I have been in the three years that I've been riding. I'm getting better everytime I go out on the bike - whether it's on the streets or the track, and I know I will keep improving. I hope to be back for Levels 3 and 4 next year.

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Wow! Congratuations on your story. I won't say anything more because I don't want to spoil it for the members here but that is a great read.

Your blog reinforces the reasons why Keith, Judy, Cobie, Will, Dylan, Trevor and that amazing group of Coaches have been so successful for so long...they are that GOOD!


BTW, when you do Level III - your newfound appreciation of a sportbike will grow exponentially... ; )


Great Job!



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Hi schmi,


That was a wonderful writeup!


Congratulations for confronting your doubts and skepticism while shattering your low expectations with high accomplishments! Mostly, thank you for sharing yourself and your experience. I personally found it very valuable as I am certain many others will.





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great review, that gives us people that have never done a school an idea of what to expect. I am doing level 1 in july and hopefully do a 2 day camp next year, shame you never got on the lean/slide bike as that looks like you could learn alot with that bike.

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Great note and blog about Schmi's school!!! I've just gotten a chance to read it (we were in internet hell on this last trip--in some casee no or very limited access for several weeks).


Great blog, and nicely written (always great when something communicates well and has some humor too!).




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