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  1. Jaybird 180, I've wanted to return to the school for some time. I have everything lined-up (again) to attend: leathers, suitable bike (I prefer to use my own), good health, a few bucks...the problem I'm having is the necessity to schedule so far in advance. That, and I have a long ways to travel to get to the Streets of Willow (my preferred venue). I live in Rosamond, California.
  2. I took Level 1 in 2008. I've been riding frequently in the interim. I've signed-up for the Level 2 school in October (2017). I think it'll be fine, but let me know if I'm insane. Also let me know if I shouldn't do this. LOL. Thanks, Alan
  3. I took the Level 1 course in late 2008. I would like to take the Level II course in October of this year (2012). Is this acceptable? Is it advisable? My intention is to study the Level 1 materials in review, prior to taking Level 2. Thanks for any/all advice and/or information. Alan
  4. I recently completed Level I training at Willow Springs. It was an outstanding experience, in every way. I have signed-up to do Level II in October, at Willow. Cobie was my instructor. I would like to have him again. Is this possible?
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