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  1. tt675

    2018, need more riding coaches!

    Email sent.😀
  2. tt675

    2018, need more riding coaches!

    It was awesome seeing u again Cobie...ttys.lu veneziano
  3. tt675

    2018, need more riding coaches!

    Hey Cobie, are u still taking apps for this position? Regards,lu
  4. hey,was a last minute decision....if anyone has a ticket for the july13 or14th level 4 that cant make it,.let me know.would like to go.thanks lu
  5. for most of it it was a lot of good reminders....but,have learned a lot of bad habits over the years from other hmm hmm schools.lol.body positioning and less input into the bars proved to be much more comfortable and less energy used.
  6. just wanted to say thanks to all the staff....completed level 2 and 3 at the ridge july 14/15th.your all awesome.special thanks to cobie for taking my wife on a two-up ride.and will for feedback on suspension and to my two on track coaches steve and gerry.you all played a big part for making worthwhile...see ya guys next year.lu
  7. tt675


    hey will,i'm attending the ridge school for a couple of days....wondering if you would be able to help with adjustments if needed...and are you famaliar with michelin race tires? thanks lu
  8. tt675

    Michelin Tires

    I don't see it on your tires....especially on the rear of mine the snipe is rolling over....which would tell me the rebound is too slow.
  9. tt675

    Michelin Tires

    here ya go csmith...like I said rebound is slow in rear maybe a little in the front.left side,right side.
  10. tt675

    Michelin Tires

    how u guys uploading pics...trying to load a couple for you csmith.
  11. tt675

    Hello From Canada Eh !

    are you referring to the track? theridgemotorsportspark.com
  12. tt675

    Hello From Canada Eh !

    I will be their cobie...
  13. tt675

    Michelin Tires

    wow a lot more wear than mine....what wear indicator...looks like yours gone...
  14. tt675

    Michelin Tires

    thanks for the post and pic...I run at an expert level...doesn't mean I'm fastest guy out their but hold my own....lol.k back to reality,using vb in front and generally b,have used used both have worked well.need to speed up the rebound on my rear shock a little due the leading edge on the slits are curling over...pressure wise using 32.5 to 33.5 hot in the front and 26-28 hot in the rear and yes I use warmers...I will post a pic of mine also...if it works.thanks for your input.lu.i was talking to a Michelin dist.in the eastern u.s.and they're telling me I should be using 31 cold front and 24-28 cold rear....hmmm.
  15. tt675

    Michelin Tires

    csmith do you run manufactures tire pressures? or.....and how have you found yours for wear...I know they have a wear indicator in the slits of the tire....I found that if they start slipping to get rid of them....