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  1. That video was very informative. Thanks!!!
  2. So I have the TechSpec tankpad and it's pretty grippy but when I'm shifted over BEFORE I begin to brake, my knees are nowhere near the tankpads. My inner knee, if I try and get it to the tankpad, wraps me around the front of the tank so that my body is facing the opposite direction of the turn. So, I would have to depend on the outside thigh on the back apex of the tank. Maybe I should get the TechSpec front of tank protector too. I would like to keep my hands loose so that I can have the arms relaxed enough to initiate the turn and not be jerky due to pressure on the bars. Also, it would interfere when I want to trail brake into a turn. Let's take a look at this picture here... Where is Marquez and Sykes weighting on this hard braking?
  3. So I'm coming into the end of a straight. As I end my acceleration, I shift my body position towards the turn, and firmly but smoothly apply the brake. My inner thigh is at the back of the tank. With the force of the heavy braking, am I using my hands on the handlebars with my elbows bent and my body low, the inner thigh against the back of the tank, both or something else to deal with the pressures of heavy braking?
  4. Yellow Duck, I have had 4 different 900SS bikes (carb and fuel injection) over the years. I don't have that bike anymore and don't have the Ape either. I have a Ducati Streetfighter S now which is WAAAY more friendly to the hip. Briang, some good advice and points. I really need to get some tech spec pads. I've had some sort of tank grip on both of my last bikes. The Streetfighter doesn't get my knee even close to the tank with the stock pegs but I recently just got some adjustable rearsets that will get me closer. I've noticed something else about my own riding that may change things. I find that a lot of my weight has alwasy been on the inside peg but being leaned over, it's hard not to weight the peg just due to my size. I realize that I'm looking at a lot of pictures of other riders and their foot is on the outside of the peg and not locked on top of the peg. I tried a few corners like that and my hip felt much better. I can now understand why people need toe sliders. lol. What do you guys thing about that? Kind of like this:
  5. rchase, thank you so much for the reply. It makes sense to extend the elbow a bit to get my body further away from the center line. I'll have to play with that this season. I've done the first level of the CSS but have not done the other ones.
  6. I have some tightness that is inherent in my Lt hip. I'm a physical therapist and the problem is in my joint anatomy. I've been stretching and doing physical therapy things for myself and it's helping. Still, it hinders my cornering techniques. But now, I'm realizing that I've been cornering incorrectly all these years too. I'm a chronic inside peg weighter. I think that the reason that I tend to do this is that most of my bikes have very low or lower than stock pegs to manage my hip tightness. As we all know, it's hard to push on the outside peg to get your body over if your pegs are low. Rather, I've been sliding over to the turning side of the bike so that I can get my body over. Also, I think that I've learned to slide my body into a turn so that my chest is facing slightly away from a turn and my weight mostly on my inside peg. I know, all sorts of weird. Hopefully, I'm making some sense here. I have to relearn everything I've been doing for the past 4 years of riding aggressively and on the track. Another problem that the hip mobility is giving me is to grab my tank on hard braking because my hips don't want to come in tight enough to grip the tank. The problem is exaggerated as I have been riding Ducati's for a long time and they have narrow tanks. Does anyone else have issues with hip mobility and if so, how are you guys moving around this problem? Here are a few pictures of me in a turn: This pic was from my very first track day.
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