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  1. Thank you so much for your quick and thourough responses. I really appreaciate the highly technical nature of your responses as well. Reading your response has brought up another question on how throttle position would effects final speed and rpm. If for example you are moving at 100 mph, 4th gear, 50% throttle with X RPM and a rear tire diameter of 27 inches. You then restart from repose with a smaller tire diameter, say 22 inches. Will you reach the same linear velocity of 100 mph (obviously on 4th gear with 50% throttle and higher rpm); or do you reach the same X rpm but with a lower velocity? Thanks again.
  2. Hello, Just became a member and wanted to post a question. I watched this video that shows the rpm increase when the bike leans over to the edge of its tire without throttle input nor gear changes. So, you are moving down the straight at 100mph, 4th gear, X RPM, fixed throttle position and you enter a corner. You are now at full lean and riding on the edge of your tire therefore on a smaller diameter. The tire should now spin faster and increase your RPM. Is there any truth to this? Why do the RPM increase without throttle input? thank you in advance. Sorry that the video is in Italian but it has subtitles and I'm sure you all get it. Ciao
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