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  1. i've just thought, am i screwed because i'm actually quite tall. 6 foot 2 or something, so is that gonan be a majopr problem of success? ive heard most riders are under 6 foot?
  2. ^ You sir, are the man. Everyone's been a great help. Cheers. Just ordered a silicon ball for finger strength. You say Wrist curls strengthen wrists? any other way? Cheers everyone. One more thing, any other way of building on leg strength?
  3. in responce to the post with 'switch from one leg to both to the other' is it ok to put a hand down for balance or is balance a great part of this?
  4. ooh excellent, the ball thing i havent tried yet but the leg squatting is taxing, ill keep at it and keep goin til i can do it more and more. At the gym, what are the best machines to use? ones with cardio programs built in to them?
  5. alright, cool thanks thats helped
  6. i had a look at the ron haslam site, and this seems to be a bit more organised and trustworthy. no-body seemed to answer my previous question, 'how physically fit do you need to be to race bikes'? thanks
  7. Wow, thats pretty good, in the future you're gonna be even prouder of students from this school........ME!! Haha, anywho....
  8. What is one of these? how is it different to a 1,2,3,4 day and a 1 to 1 tuition day?
  9. I live in a place called Southwell, erm i guess thats in the middle haha. erm rockingham is 2 hours away? wicked thanks, i'll learn to driveso i can get there/inquire about track days, thanks for the help
  10. sorry for the double post, but how physically fit do you have to be to race bikes?
  11. thanks Keith, also, do you know of the closest race track to Nottinghamshire? i could get in contact with them and see if they do track days for 16yrs
  12. right thats handy, ill look for the closest, and send them an email. thankyou
  13. is there anybody from UK that you could direct me to to talk to? Would tracks that accept 16 year old let me race the track without a liscence, or will they train me up for that? please any information will be of use to me
  14. i'm from nottinghamshire. the only close by track i can think of is Cadwell. is there an official site or something i could look at? many thanks
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