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  1. Here's a photo of a rider who seems to be a bit obsessed with getting his knee down. Everyone has their style and preference, but personally this body position is not what I would be trying to achieve.




    Thanks for the Information. Interesting Photo.

    I wasn't that far off I don't believe. My knee never touched until the rear slid.;)

  2. You have 'about' 3/16" of an inch left? That sounds far too accurate! I think you've been out there with a tape measure :)


    Believe it or not, I really measured it. Kind of Corny I know>laugh.gif The right side I had about 17/32' of inch left. Just over half an inch. I do better leaning towards the left than the right.wink.gif




  3. The 020 should have grip to the edge, provided a grippy road. If not, watch out! Not only do these tyres offer limited grip, they tend to let go without warning. "I went high, I could see the whole track from my position": What a bloke said after being unexpectedly highsided by his bike while trying to do a track session on 020s.


    Thats what I thought. They did feel a little greasy slippery just about a 1/4 of second before the rear let loose. I thought it was just that part of the tire was still slick like new tires do since I had not used that part yet. Thankssmile.gif

  4. Don't understand IMHO? Please a little more info. Thanks, Markblink.gif


    Usually IMHO is an abbreviation for "in my humble opinion."

    You might also see YRMV - "your results may vary."


    In regards to your earlier question about sliding the tire - yes, you could be at the limit of your tires, but there could be some other factors to check like tire pressure, are you getting the tires sufficiently warmed up, are you loose on the bars, etc.


    Thanks for the Info. Sorry didn't understand the abbreviation. Older Generation here. Tires were warmed up. Maybe a little tight on the bar. Was trying to be loose and Comfortable.

    Thanks againrolleyes.gif

  5. Appreciate the inputs:) I did practice this morning for about 2 hours. Only touched one and thats when the rear tire slid about 3'. didn't know if I was at my tires limit? They are the Battlax 020 Sport Touring of Bridgestone. I did slide every time at that lean angle. Have about 3/16" Chicken strip left. Was still practicing in the Parking Lot at 20-25 mph> Any thoughts?

    Thank's Mark.


    Did receive my TOTW II Book and read through it yesterday. Have watched the Video so many times My Wife about Threatens me with Divorce if I watch it againbiggrin.gif!

  6. Newbie, Mark, from Ringgold Ga. Been riding a little over a year. have 650R Ninja.

    Was wondering when the School would hold another session at Road Atlanta?



    Welcome to the forum Mark! I'm not sure when/if the school is planning to hit Road Atlanta again. Maybe one of the coaches knows if it's in the cards for next year and will chime it. Have you considered Barber? It's not much further from you.


    So what are you looking for in your riding? Are you looking to get into track riding? Or improve you street ability?






    I am going to Barber in October. bought a 1 track day. I know Code's School is having a class at Barber in August. Unfortunatley I will be out of town for that Session. Do you know if the Track folks give help with Cornering and Knee dragging in the Novice Session? i am wanting to work on that mroe than anything. I had to talked with "Muggett" about my tires. I am currently running Battlax 020"s on my Bike The Shop that put them on told me not to try to add much more lean angle on that type of tire. Suggested me going to 016's. i am leaving about 1/2" "Chicken Strip" on both sides. Muggett agreed. Also. Any thoughts?

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