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  1. Welcome to the forum Fernando. I've always wanted to visit Buenos Aires; how are the track days down there? I wonder if I could get my bike through customs? Thanks Warregl Buenos Aires has a hot weather these months, so track days are hard for both bikes and pilots. There are a few track available to practice our sport riding (Galvez, Roque Perez, Arrecifes, Dolores). I think if you have all the documentation for your bike and you do teh paperwork you will not have problems to enter the country.
  2. Hello!, I'm Fernando from Argentina. I did level I in october ยด12 @ Streets of Willow Springs. I started riding sports bikes in 2011. Previously I've been riding street bikes and chopper's. I'm waiting my chance to trip again and do next levels. In the mean time I'm making track days here in Argentina and reading a lot in this forum. All the data and experience posted here are awesome. Thank you for share your experience
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