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  1. Hello:) I won't be able to do Barber in August due to previous Commitments. Was wondering if you all will be back in Atlanta or Barber later this year?

  2. SMOOTH, as most riders wish to be, is nothing more than an idea based on what they have seen other riders look like. It is possibly the most misunderstood of all the buzz words in riding with the possible exception of CONFIDENCE. It’s amusing to watch someone trying to work out the idea of riding smoothly. It’s even more amusing to hear the “good advice” often and freely dispensed which is supposed to bring someone to an understanding of how to make their own riding match the fairly difficult to define dynamics of being SMOOTH. SMOOTH is difficult to define because of the complexities
  3. This is one of the best AIM products out there for sure.
  4. A couple folks PMd me about the quotes not showing up right in old posts... Unfortunately they changed the formatting between what we had and this version... so old quotes don't look like quotes. Any new posts that are quoting posts should render fine. Hopefully the rebuild option will take care of it.
  5. It is I, the great blower offererer.
  6. It will be back at some level... we needed to take care of some other items first. Hopefully there aren't any major hiccups along the way.
  7. We are going to be upgrading the Forum to v3 here shortly. We will be loosing all our UI customization... so if the board looks generic here shortly, that is what happened. It should resolve the various bugs folks have been reporting, along with a host of other items.
  8. Lex was running great but had a ring stick. Andre was riding good and the bike was running great. Joe came out of the weeds to run with Andre ... and Peter was unable to get around to run the times he could without traffic. Peter's bike doesn't have the same power so he has to ride it differently and wasn't able to do that when behind other bikes.
  9. Come to think of it all the leading 125 riders are current/past CSS student.
  10. If the form factor works for you... consider a Flip HD mounted to the handlebar
  11. Somehow I missed this since October... Pete = Mr. Perfect ... how many guys do you know that will strip down and start doing Perfect Pushups in the near buff with their hotel door wide open Misti = Hulk ... she is the most endearing person until you make her angry, no I will not give examples Stoney = Mini Me ... the strongest memory I had of him for years was the Keith Code lip fur, lots of guys asked if he Keith's son back in the day, in the 90s he was a mini Keith Dylan = DeathStick ... need to ask little Peter on that one, this one was his I suspect is has to do with Dylan being one
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