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  1. Thanks for the report on that post, I nuked it.



  2. Been months since I've ridden anything but my dirt bike (that's been fun), so ready to ride. Anyone going to join us in Vegas in Feb?
  3. Passing...an art really. A bunch of visual components, and then the different arenas where it's used, and requiring a different attitude. Passing at the School, as opposed to passing in racing. Back in the '90's one of the top guys in the US at the time was Miguel DuHamel. Over from Oz came Anthony Gobert. Watched Miguel try and stuff it in on Miguel at Big Willow, turn 1. Most riders would have changed line, moved over, flinched, run wide, etc. Gobert didn't alter line at all, he just didn't care. Great example of solid visual skills, no narrowing of his attention, didn't get surprised. But...he also just didn't care. He was a little young for this line, but "Rubbin is racing" obviously was fine with him.
  4. JJ tried some of their products in his car and was quite enthusiastic...bodes well for us. 😁
  5. Hi Cobie,

    I have a couple of questions now that I've completed a 2-Day CSS camp.

    • When I register for another 2-Day, does that mean I'm coming in as a Level 3, and how does that differ as far as course/track instruction?
    • I just added a Ninja 1000 to my garage and I'd like to get to know that bike better next spring/summer when the riding season comes around. Can I ride that bike in a CSS class? Is that limited to a 1-Day session?

    Jim Soltis

    1. SilverTongueJim


      HA! I guess all I had to do was look at the website again. I just answered my second question. Duh. I guess I'm still more inclined to stay in the 2-day camp scenario. There's just so much more track time considering I have to travel to every track where the school operates. The 1-day would be hard to justify given travel time AND riding my bike to get there.

  6. Hah, Red Baron, so now you are coming clean, Keith did put you up to it :).
  7. We need to have the new fleet firmly available before selling the current one. Looks like that is not far off, the bikes are in the country, but not yet delivered to our local dealer. Best thing would be to contact JJ (our chief mechanic)and he'll put you on the list of interested buys). His email is: Jeremiah Morrison (chiefmechanic@superbikeschool.com). Best, Cobie
  8. "Push" might be not the exact words I would use. Part of the technique is to use more of the torso, but it also requires bracing with the outside leg (into the tank) so you are also gaining the advantage of the leverage going across the body (as opposed to pushing on the inside leg and arm at the same time). Make sense?
  9. There are a few points to that technique...one that is covered on page 85 is that it's easier to steer.
  10. And does it make it harder for the others to get around you...
  11. If the arms are locked, does that throw more weight on the front? If they are locked, does it allow the front to correct for the imperfections?
  12. If you weren't excited and a bit nervous, you'd be a...non-human :).
  13. Great to see the responses on this. Some years ago a coach missed T-boning a car at an intersection. This boulevard had a median, and tall curbing on the street-side edges. The car pulled across the median and then stopped in his lane. He steered quickly right, but had to also steer it back left (or hit that tall curbing). Both the visual skill (of not target fixing) and able to turn it quickly, are practiced skills, saved his bacon that day. It's a recommendation for simply getting onto a track now and again. Practicing riding technique in a controlled environment is beneficial all by itself (and we'd say with some good coaching even better :). But even if one doesn't get some coaching, but gets onto a track now and again, this will help to keep one's margin for street riding a little more comfortable. Same coach told us after his first endurance race, his next street ride felt in slow motion. An incident that would have before been a panic, was now a yawn. Do I sound like a track proponent? Best, Cobie
  14. If the throttle begins too early, before the bike is fully leaned over, AND on line, where will the line go?
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