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  1. If you weren't excited and a bit nervous, you'd be a...non-human :).
  2. Great to see the responses on this. Some years ago a coach missed T-boning a car at an intersection. This boulevard had a median, and tall curbing on the street-side edges. The car pulled across the median and then stopped in his lane. He steered quickly right, but had to also steer it back left (or hit that tall curbing). Both the visual skill (of not target fixing) and able to turn it quickly, are practiced skills, saved his bacon that day. It's a recommendation for simply getting onto a track now and again. Practicing riding technique in a controlled environment is ben
  3. If the throttle begins too early, before the bike is fully leaned over, AND on line, where will the line go?
  4. They are pretty nice, really can take one's time
  5. Just checking...is there something you want clarified here?
  6. Yakaru, that does look like good stretching and I'm doing more in general. Do you do anything for strength, that's another part and one I'm also curious about.
  7. I was thinking of the horsey thing to be honest, but not in my regular program. And yes, Stuman did have a Thighmaster...not sure if those are still around...maybe some old decroded one in a basement somewhere?
  8. When holding onto the bike while hanging off, the inner thigh muscles come into play. Over the years I've tried a few things, but recently remembered a dance exercise we were exposed to in gymnastics: facing the bar, sweep the leg from left to right in front of you. This seems to work the inner thigh, but curious if anyone else has tried (or other exercises) to help strengthen the inner thighs.
  9. Hi DJ, Great! Come say hello in the am, very nice to meet some forum members at the track :). Best, Cobie
  10. Hi Jim, Please come and say hello when you get there, first thing in the morning. We'll chat for a few minutes, and I'll take a look at the coach assignments for the day. Best, Cobie
  11. On modern tires, might not be more tire in contact with the ground, but the direction of acceleration force on the tire is changed with the bike more upright.
  12. Where do you live, what country/state? Are you in the US?
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