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  1. 2000 KX 250 (2-stroke). What a hoot to ride. I know the 4-strokes can be a bit easier, but it sure is easy to start when I watch the other guys kicking the pea-waddin out of their 450's. Saw that Gorman is now closed, and really...I don't get it. Can easily practice social distancing. We are seeing if we can get to the other BLM land, hope that stays open!
  2. My internet is stalled, I can't get the video up of Will riding at Streets...can anyone get to that, let's see what he is doing with the throttle there.
  3. Looks like Eddie was going for the inside pass, had to back out when he wasn't going to make it and when he did ran wide and tagged Schwantz's rear.
  4. Yeah I don't worry too much about a wide entry into T-4.
  5. Planning on a little social distancing at Gorman, on Sat April 11 or maybe even Sunday, April 12. In case other's might want to socially distance themselves to an OHV area (providing still open).
  6. Love to watch the whole thing, but at work...can you say what minute the crash occurs?
  7. Vic, I think it could be run tighter, and still work. Wider first apex, where will that end up pointing the bike/positioning the bike for the 2nd apex? Could a tigher 1st apex help?
  8. Refresh me, up to what level have you done with us?
  9. I realize I wasn't fully clear on my comment. What I was thinking was, of course the throttle is closed all the way. But what if instead of on/off/on, just delaying the on, or making it slower initially, so as to eliminate the make it one off to on. Hope that clears up what I had in mind (maybe you were clear on this, just realized what I wrote wasn't crystal clear). CF
  10. No. Beginning the braking while upright, then trailing off. If the bike is turned quicker, the last of the braking, will that need to trail of in relation to the increased lean angle, and ideally be coordinated?
  11. What if you did it without closing it at all...maybe just a slower initial roll on?
  12. How close do you get to the first apex?
  13. And Turn 3 at Streets is a pretty small double apex. Curious to how the different throttle applications are done there...how many of you roll on, pause (or roll off) in T-3 at Streets?
  14. What if the braking were begun when the bike was upright, and trailed off (even the last part) when the bike was leaned over?
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