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  1. Recommend you have a look at this thread and article by Keith Code as a guiding idea as you continue to seek answers to your specific problem
  2. I certainly don't need to justify a new bike! I awoke from a "nightmare" this morning asking my wife if I owned an R6. In the dream, the bike hadn't been ridden in 2-3 years and I was concerned about maintenance problems from it sitting unused. I have this problem in real life and I thought it was compounded by a bike I bought and had forgotten about. With that said, my only sportbike is a 2006 CBR1000RR that I did a makeover on it to make it stylish and functional. Upgraded suspension, brakes, new cooling system hoses to match the custom painted bodywork, CF wrapped frame, swingarm and wheels. I also have a software to flash the ECU to accommodate the quickshifter that I had installed, I'll get around to that eventually. The bike is cable to throttle bodies and has highsided me once on the track and I might still have a little bit of fear of it, which is why I refuse to ride it in anything approaching wet conditions at NJMP (site of last crash). My last CSS last month was at NJMP and I rode the BMW S1000RR and was able to ride that same corner, laughing each time in my helmet that I'd beaten that corner, while my coach had me work on finding how soon I could get to WOT there. Was it the bike, or was it I that had conquered the corner? Will I be able to answer this until I bring my Fireblade back to NJMP? Can I do it in the wet?
  3. Here’s a YT video that explained so much about tire traction, throttle application and motorcycle engine design that I thought was so well done that I just HAD to share.
  4. How did I miss that? A confirmed mention of T3 in the works.
  5. Does the technology in current bikes make it really worthwhile to sell what you have to purchase anew? I'm happy with my current bike, but I understand the safety net the new bikes provide via technology. Can it help elevate rider improvement, enough to pop down $15k...or maybe I'm just TRYING to justify buying a new bike? (LoL).
  6. Slower steering and would also have to delay throttle roll-on.
  7. I'll have to go back and test to see if I have a good, working 2-step. Closer towards the end of day 2, I could get closer and more consistently to the turn point before cheating the turn. However, I do place more attention on apex accuracy.
  8. I forgot to talk about my SRs. My best guess is that my concern is about having the front end wipe out. I've had it happen once. Tires weren't cold and there was no discernible debris or fluids on the road. I had a rider following me on the street and when I went to turn left, the bike just ended up on the pavement with no explanation. Neither of us had a clue what happened. I don't think I have a good perception of front end traction, but I can feel front end slips and slides on bad pavement. I do think I've recently opened the door to being able to feel rear grip with the throttle and it gave me more confidence to be able to play with the amount of throttle on corner exits to now be able to discern bands of power applied (on the gas but decelerating, on gas holding steady, on gas slight acceleration, on gas driving, on gas full boogie).
  9. Yes, there are lots of variables (I didn't consider that) but I am still thinking there's GOT to be a way to measure or calculate this empirically, at least for a specific bike/setup. Ideally, we only need to know how much force is required at the contact patch using model rubber and model asphalt, since that has a known coefficient of friction. The other factor would be overcoming the gyroscopic forces. It's probably easier to say what corners I feel comfortable with quicksteer than the other way around- LoL. I can easily do it in a series of esses, full lean to full lean. Oddly enough, I have a hard time when I can see both entry RP and apex RP. This doesn't vary much when sitting in the middle of the seat or hanging off, though hanging off does distract me enough that I don't need to think about the mechanics of steering and can quicken a little, but not by enough to raise my entry speed consistently. I did find by reviewing my Video Bike footage, that I tended to enter/exit corners in relatively the same speed bands, regardless of radius.
  10. I missed your post, but I'm trying to answer the same question and started a new post.
  11. At my camp last week, @Cobie Fair demonstrated how much force he applies to the bars to quicksteer into T1; a direct visceral demonstration. Compared to my perception of my own bar inputs it's at the other end of the spectrum. I'm wondering if bar pressure can be measured or calculated as a function of speed and desired lean rotation speed. There are some corners where it seems to make sense to quicksteer and I can do it without overthinking and there are others where my SRs discourage me from pushing harder. I'd like to overcome this barrier. I thought that if I could duplicate the amount of force required in a quantifiable way, I could "sneak up" on the right amount, bypassing my SRs.
  12. I predict hot and humid. Probably a little more than it was last year.
  13. If you haven't already done so, you might wanna call the office ASAP and book your slot, ViR often sells out quickly. We were pitted next to the videographer. My wife did her school the day this footage was taken.
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