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  1. I didn't watch the entire thing but I heard what you heard and a small one at around the 3m:?? mark as well. There remarkable thing to me is how he uses so little energy/effort to ride at this level.
  2. Thanks. I'll give it a try next ride.
  3. @Dylan CodeDid he give you any starting street pressures?
  4. I used Silkolene fork oil when I built my Fireblade.
  5. What was the previous fleet brand oil? Do you supply engine wear data to the sponsors or bike manufacturers? I suppose from all the years of running Kwaks and now BMW you have tons of engine wear data.
  6. I've used them happily in my BMW automobiles for years. Now this is just unfair...to tease us with THIS type of information!
  7. Did I see a rickshaw or 2 on the Indian video?😂
  8. I have a wall photo in my home office taken during one of my CSS school days at ViR. It's nicely framed and in a place where I look at it frequently as I telework. The photo has me followed by two other riders as I'm nearing the inside edge of a right turning corner about 1-1/2 meters away. I can see the greenery in the background but it's blurred in the distance. Our heads are turned and it appears we are all looking somewhere near the same point. It's possible that being in the front, I might have begun to look toward the corner exit as my vision is slightly elevated relative to the followin
  9. Perhaps you should consider racing. When I get Open track time, that is for me to work on a skill, I couldn’t care less when I’m using that time to work on that skill because I purposely back it down to 70% and then gradually turn up the wick. I felt like you before I started racing. I’m still slow and have no delusions about my skill, but racing has given me a better barometer and takes my mind off the technicals of riding and it becomes just about chasing the guy in front or keeping the guy, who’s intake I can now hear behind me. Keep doing that for X number of laps and the race is over
  10. SPOILER ALERT: KC mentions 2 news sponsors: A helmet sponsor and something else that I can't make out (must be that California accent- LoL)....what did he say?
  11. Yes! Yes! You’re right! Thank you. Wrong technique.
  12. @Cobie Fair IIRC when I did L3 and we did Pivot Steering, I tried it at a 2 turn section that can be run as a double apex turn using PS in the second portion. As I recall, we didn't add a second steering input but instead changed the body position to alter the steering geometry.
  13. I have to second this. I got into Minimoto in 2018 and it's now my primary consideration for riding. I get a lot of enjoyment out of it and it's the best bang for buck going. Most of the bikes are inexpensive and nearly unbreakable, speeds are lower so if you do take a spill there's lower risk or severity of injury, maintenance is simple (though you end up doing some simple tasks more often) and the fun quotient is really high. Another factor is that they really highlight areas for needed skill improvement especially when a 9-13yo blasts by you on a similar or lower classed machine.
  14. This is my only option on my minimoto. I think Supermoto riders have the same issue.
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