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  1. To summarize: You had 2 bikes that would run wide on the throttle You change tires on 1 bike and liked the results Now neither bike runs wide, despite no changes to the other machine Your question is: what caused the change? Do I understand correctly?
  2. Let's see.... I've always wanted to ride Laguna Seca I contemplated a camp for 2020 ......hmmm
  3. I found the other 2 videos entertaining but the first was an example based on sound and camera angle of how much he is on the throttle post apex. It even seemed that during one of those corners it wasn’t a roll-on but that the power instantly went to full and the engine was willing to rev that easily. I know I don’t have the resources to toss into a WSBK motor to be able to do that or able to exploit such equipment but I can take an example from his technique to get a sense of what is possible; I tend to be unwilling to accelerate that hard.
  4. I’ll take a look at the videos. Thanks.
  5. Here’s a video of Jonathan Rea making up 6 places in 1 Lap. I notice how hard he’s on the gas and I’m thinking: “surely he’s going to spin the rear tire and highside himself” but not even close! Is this possible with consumer level tires? Or is there some type of electronic gadgetry at play here? Or maybe I can get on the gas harder on corner exits?
  6. Nice that you’ll get to do a track walk.
  7. Glad to know there are 2 other CSS'ers in my neck of the woods. ViR is my favorite track. I'm a multi-time 1-day'er. I planned to do a 2-day camp with CSS this year, but some of my preceding plans are off the rails so I don't know how my schedule is going to pan out. I get most of my track time nowadays on the mini-moto tracks. I got started in that coaching my then 5yo son to his 1st Championship 2 years ago. Life has since gotten in the way of our real priorities.
  8. Keith, To your point: There was a rumor that Honda changed the RC-212V to suit Dani Pedrosa and because he and Nicky Hayden were so anthropomorphically different, it was a source of contention on the team and an added obstacle for him during the 2007 season to defend his World Title. Contact points and ergonomics matter. I have my own experiences with that and tried my best to avoid changing bikes. I interpreted some of your writing to mean that riders spend $$ covering a deficiency that should best be addressed with training and coaching. I still believe that but I felt that my Hond
  9. In order to train a correction using chair riding you’d need to make the mental error just as real. Is that what you want to implant? I will continue to work the question to help find the right answer, but I don’t know for now.
  10. Thanks 53. I've also come to the conclusion that competent coaching can make or break any talent. Semper Fi Brother
  11. I wouldn't call myself a junkie but I do get most of my riding now on the mini-moto tracks. As a result of that and the craziness, my desire to street-ride is lowered quite a bit. Once in awhile I get the bug to commute but that's about it. I do miss the social aspects but all of my friends from a bygone era have moved on to either sell their bikes or ...(gulp) they all ride Harleys.
  12. One thing I’ve read about is that DOT certification is a manufacturer assertion.
  13. I love this topic. I too am focusing on my turning ability, specifically Quick Turning. There’s an article where Keith says that learning to QT solves all of the SRs. I’m striving to become a disciple of that.
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