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  1. How did I miss that 6minutes of awesomeness!
  2. Maybe not be so hard on Jorge. I was really disappointed when Stoner retired as I really liked him as a rider and a person. It took awhile for it to be revealed that he was dealing with a rare medical issue. I suspect something has been going on with Jorge for several years that hasn't been disclosed.
  3. Just one of those tasks, I'll get 'round tuit'. Thank you.
  4. Definitely not throwing shade on ViR. I've ridding it more than a handful of times and it's on the top of my list of favorite places to ride.
  5. I noticed the DM Tuning app is no longer available in the App Store when I went to update it. I sent him a message, but didn't get a reply. Glad to know you got good weather at Barber. One of the local guys who I encouraged to do CSS last year was lusting after riding Barber but instead went to ViR due to convenience.
  6. I’m a Dave Moss fan, and have been for years. I’ve even had my bike tuned by him a ViR a few years ago. Was hoping there was a quick answer.
  7. I recently changed back to putting my instep on the peg. I get better tank-knee contact, less leg fatigue and better blood circulation. The downside is the toe up thing, and I need to move my brake lever to accommodate. I was previously led to believe that ball of toes was “the right way” and I’d been doing that for about the last 10yrs. Switching was tough but I think I can do it, once I move the brake lever and make sure I keep my feet in-line with the bike.
  8. I decided to rewatch T2 video and a lightbulb turned on (hope it doesn't dim later HAHAHAHA). SR#2 might be to blame for my tired. I also discovered on my last ride, that I do a weird thing with my feet sometimes: pull my toes up, which can be fatiguing. @Hotfoot, I have no idea how a coach might spot that one 😳, but I can see how it can cause a lower body stability problem. Once I get it sorted, I'm sure it will go a long way toward better endurance and better cornering all around.
  9. If you have your bike setup for trackdays and then you put your mirrors and lights back on for street, what changes (to the suspension) would you expect to make?
  10. @BikeSpeedman I've had very good success with Facebook sales. Sold my beloved F4i in about 2 days and thinking I should have raised the price because the guy didn't try to talk me down and nearly forced me to take a $1,000 cash deposit🤣. PLUS there are plenty of TD orgs on there. A few years ago, I posted that I was looking and it only took a couple days for me to get a recommendation for the trailer that I eventually purchased.
  11. I don’t street ride often but I did yesterday. I don’t like the way the stem of my glasses fit inside my helmet but once I snick into 1st gear it all goes away. No vision anomalies either.
  12. Vic- good mention on the visor for debris prevention.
  13. I now wear glasses for distance. It’s a strange thing after a lifetime of excellent visual acuity. I sometimes notice some artifacts with depth perception in my periphery when driving. For example, a car or other passed object in the next lane seems closer than it is, distracting my eyes to look there. For this reason, I’m considering contact lenses so I can ride without the distraction. Last ride, I didn’t notice the problem as much, today I’m going to be keen on that observation. Thanks to Red Baron, I’m also going to observe my ocular moisture post ride.
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