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  1. For the camp obviously there is the school provided bike. I’ve got my s1000rr and hp4 both already there; and as much as I’d love to bring one of my small bikes I need the trailer space free to bring those back home after. Cobie recommended the s1000 for the tryout.
  2. I am! And then right after I have my coach tryout on the 20th so hopefully I'll have the rust knocked off from this winter and my studying will have stayed in my brain!
  3. As a sort of 'add on' to this topic: back in '19 I was at Barber and was hitting a pretty solid pace and hit the point where for some of the faster sections I found I benefited from both pushing and pulling simultaneously to get a strong enough input in to overcome momentum and get the bike on lean/line without being too abrupt about it; in addition to weighting my outside peg which of course also can help.
  4. I haven’t done Sonoma but on streets here’s what I can say: it’s the “home track” for css and it is short and has a ton of different types of technical challenges. That means you get more laps to work on something (and probably more laps with your coach) in the same amount of time. flipside is that it is in rough shape pavement wise and doesn’t have any great places to “wring out” a literbike (If you want to have fun passing big boys on a 250 though it is the place to do it). Sonoma I’ve heard good things about, and obviously it’s part of several racing series so I can’t imagine it being
  5. Thanks for the report on that post, I nuked it.



  6. I saw the lubricant is up on https://superbikeschool.com/sponsors/ but I haven’t seen anything on the new helmet brand. Assume we will hear soon?
  7. For what it's worth, I actually had to sort of deal with the opposite problem. My instincts when passed are to back off and give the person room so I don't have to worry about them anymore, and when I started racing this was hard to unlearn; nowadays I struggle more with picking my passes, especially when in 'packs' where I don't want to pass someone then have to change lines or hit my brakes due to someone in front of them while at the same time not staying at the back longer than I have to. One thing that may help with the urge (over time, not immediately) is moving to a lower displacem
  8. I'll admit I haven't watched it yet, but based on just the thumbnail it reminds me of a problem with "Copy the Pros" logic I see from a lot of riders -- If you try to just brake harder you're likely going to outrun your eyes and, in a best case scenario, will end up over slowing. Yes pros brake harder but how they do that with confidence is a bunch of background things that are much more involved to learn.
  9. Knee to curb is a great drill for sure, I'm looking forward to trying the variant Hotfoot suggested to refine my riding even more. I think there's the factors she mentioned as well as the fact I'm not as consistent in terms of my body position either which can move my knee's relative position a bit. I don't quite cross up but my hip rotation isn't always as square as I intend on the BMW, and while I want to work on that as well I don't want to try doing multiple thing at once and spending all my attention dollars. Enjoy Vegas in April! I'm looking forward to returning to Streets in March
  10. This sounds like the hook turn more than pivot steering to me.
  11. Yep, I'll keep my eyes on my 3-step as much as possible, no need for adding saccades, but my sense of where the tank is probably has more accuracy than where my knee is -- my arm is on it and I'm betting I have a more accurate proprioception of it than my knee, as counter intuitive as that might seem. I might ask my consultant to try this drill at my first 2021 school, since accuracy is one of my "themes" every time the pace goes up or I warm my skills back up after a winter of only commuting.
  12. Yep, we're about the same stature and I love the low displacement bikes as well so that's always useful! I've done knee over curb many times, for many reasons, but have always had trouble keeping my knee in my visual range due to my visor position. Tank over curb sounds like an interesting modification of it to try though, thanks @Hotfoot.
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