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  1. Greetings people of earth! In early 1997 at Phoenix International Raceway, I had my first on-racetrack motorcycle experience ever: CSS level 1. That was back in the day of Kawasaki ZX6 school bikes, but some things never change; there was an instructor at that school with the initials CF (He’s stuck around and seems to have gotten the hang of it). That school changed my motorcycling life forever, for the better, and I’ve been seeking more growth as a rider and as a student of life most of the way since. I admit to lurking here for a while - the topics, interaction and camaraderie are awesome - but it’s long past time to check in, get involved, and see what I can contribute. Looking forward to crossing virtual online paths with many of you, or better yet, meeting you in person at a CSS school.
  2. I recognize that I’m almost exactly 3 years late to this party, but the past three weeks I’ve been using the forum search function and scrolling through pages of posts on a tire heat/traction research assignment from Cobie, and this thread is definitely the best I’ve come across yet. Cobie, you’ve done a great job of engaging and drawing participants out; there’s been a symbiotic contribution-response at almost every point along the way. The only thing I can add is an over-simplification of the topic, but based on the posts, I believe we all understand it: ’Train until you get it right, Practice until you can’t get it wrong” This encompasses the training of a new technique, and the refinement of that technique into a solid repeatable action (perhaps unthought).
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