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  1. I know nothing about this topic, basically. However, when I attended a gravel rally, I was told to keep weight on the outside peg and push firmly against the fuel tank with my outside knee while turning standing up. For me, that helped massively. Suddenly, it was easy to steer with the rear using the throttle, and slides could be controlled. I immediately felt safe. Whether this mean anything for road racing I cannot say. I have also read many times over the years that top rank riders can shift their weight between the inner and outer peg up to 20 times in a single corner. Apparently, they do this to control drift and grip. Way beyond my scope to try - I'd likely crash right away because my limited mental capacity would be spend on dancing on the pegs rather than controlling the bike and reading the road. Finally, riders like Tony Elias and other shorties commonly let their outside foot dangle above the peg while cornering, a result of hanging way off and having short legs, I presume. They still win races. So perhaps this is just another tool available to be used by the rider, but not mandatory for success?
  2. faffi

    Then vs now

    Rutter is a multiple winner of IoM, so should be comparable. Sure, it was not set on the same day by the same rider, and as such not a perfect comparison, but it should give a fairly realistic picture.
  3. faffi

    Then vs now

    For comparison, the premier class has seen less performance gains than the fastest class at Isle of Man (current lap record is set with an average speed of more than 135 mph) - in 1990, Gardner lapped Phillip Island at 1:34.560 during the race. Current race lap record is 1:28.108, set by Marc Marquez in 2013. If I take that equation, starting with 115 mph as an arbitrary average speed of Garner, I end up with 120.8 mph for Marquez. Interestingly, the best race lap in 2019 by Vinales took 1:29.322, or 119.7 mph using the same math. This is a rather flowing track where handling is more important than power, though, whereas IoM benefit quite a lot from more power. Report to moderator
  4. faffi

    Then vs now

    In 2018, Micheal Rutter punted a stock Panigale 1100 V4 Speciale the around IoM TT course in about 18:40 for an average speed about 121 mph. I say roughly because it is impossible to time the lap correctly since it is not a typical get-away, nor lap completion. But it is close enough. It's on YouTube in two parts, part 1 being here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYaSG_IoAXk For a stock bike, that seems pretty impressive. However, Steve Hislop set a 18:39.4 lap on an RC30, or the Honda VFR750R as it was also known, back in 1989. So what do you think? Is it impressive that 30 years later, an 1100cc stock machine on road tyres can match a 750cc modified street bike on slicks from the 80s, or would you have expected more from the development? As a comparison, the New Era 750 record around Phillip Island was set by Scott Campbell on a Honda RC30 in 2016 with a time of 1:40.719. The production Superbike lap record was set by Wayne Maxwell in 2018 in a Yamaha R1 with a time of 1:32.224.
  5. This is a 240 kg / 530 lb touring bike with 56hp keeping a rapid pace among faster machines around a race track. I see that he brakes later and harder and also manage to get on the throttle earlier, but it is hard for me to tell how he manage to do this so much better than the others.
  6. I suppose the rate of turn-in as well as the amount of lean will matter greatly, as would speed itself through wind resistance?
  7. faffi

    Real racing

    Even car racing can be raw
  8. faffi

    Real racing

    For comparison
  9. faffi

    Real racing

    This is exciting. On board MotoGP is a display of talent and virtually perfection, but this is brutality at its finest. If circuit racing is sculpture with a carving knife, real road racing is art making with a chain saw. Enjoy!
  10. Congrats on your new bike! Can you disengage regen so that the bike is free-rolling when you close the throttle? I know electric cars can be det up for no, some and full regen, and the affect on engine braking is massive. Also,, as it is likely RBW, you can probably reprogram the throttle for a more linear operation.
  11. So you think that his saves is helped a lot by him managing to stay relaxed on the bars despite using great lower body effort to support the bike - did I understand that correctly? If so, a very interesting observation!
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