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  1. I think you are correct that he didn't care. Not just with racing. A superior talent with a very troubled nature. Still troubled, not so sure about the amount of talent remaining.
  2. Sometimes, it is best to hurry slowly in order to reach the destination the quickest. Take care of your body and let it heal at its own rate, pushing it towards, but never beyond the limits it sets 😉 Hope you get back to full health!
  3. This is perhaps the nicest motorcycle road in the world, I don't think it could be designed any better. I'd love to see a hill-climb race being held there 👍
  4. You probably should watch the video 😉 On braking, he mentioned that some riders will lean the bike a bit when braking in order to get more deformation of the tire and hence more grip for retardation.
  5. I have no clue if this is spot on or not, but I presume the instructors know
  6. Superb observation - it's been staring us all in the face, but only you noticed it 👌
  7. I am no expert in any way on this, but I presume it is about awareness (where are you placed) and confidence (rely on your knowledge about where you are). Some are better at knowing where in space they are situated than others. Personally, I am hopeless, which is why I constantly bump into things. So I need some margins, likely more than you, to feel somewhat in control. Here are some pictures for inspiration about using all the available space, and then some, showing what is possible:
  8. This video show partly what I feel is happening with my old 650 (I have just bought a CBF1000, though I have not picked it up yet) - there appears to be too much lean for the speed, although not as dramatic as I - and my observing son - feel it is on my Deauville 650.
  9. faffi


    Been a very nice season so far for those with no particular hero, with more riders and brands winning or entering the podium than usual. It has also proven that nobody can currently match the speed of MM. It would be cool if a Suzuki take the title, it would be cool if a non-factory bike take the title, it would be cool if a French took the title, and it would be cool if Dovi finally got the title. In other words, l would be happy with either of the currently top six ending up as champion.
  10. Well, I am probably guilty of everything you pointed out, Jaybird 😄 However, when it comes to lowering and/or lengthening a vehicle for better stopping or acceleration, it is a result of the vehicle's ability to resist flopping over forwards or backwards. Although only if you already slowed or accelerated hard enough for that to be an issue, of course. This partly explains it https://www.physio-pedia.com/Centre_of_Gravity#:~:text=Stability and the Centre of Gravity,-The direction of&text=When the line of gravity,is said to be stable. Sorry if I just dug myself a bigger grave h
  11. If you lower the CoG, less weight will be shifted forward and you can stop harder before you do a stoppie. Which is also why a long and low bike can stop (and accelerate) harder than a tall and short one. However, I am not certain that the fork will compress more doing a stoppie while sitting upright with stiff arms, than doing a stoppie laying low with the resulting lower CoG. Since you can now slow down harder, would not even more force be fed into the suspension? But for the same rate of retardation, you probably will end up with slightly less compression of the fork laying down. Howev
  12. faffi

    Jorge vs Doohan

    Noticed Lorenzo was hopelessly slower than everybody else at the recent test, more than 3 seconds off the Aprilias. The explaination was that he is unfit and have not ridden since January. I remember Doohan in 1999 at PI. He could not walk properly and had to be lifted onto the bike, and his hand did not have the power to pull the clutch. The bike had a totally new powerband due to Criville wanting top end over driveability. Doohan dis not know the tires, the setup or anything else as the plan was to just wave to the crowd. As I remember it, he waved most of the first lap, found it f
  13. Would that not depend on how much power is fed in and how much the bike is leaned over at the time of throttle application, plus how much more lean is needed? But it does seem like a recipe for loss of traction.
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