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  1. Hey all, Recently I entered a video submission contest for a sponsorship and becoming the Ambassador for Women's Moto Influencer for Law Tigers.Last season I won 2 championships for AFM Novice Legacy Middlewight/Afemme. I'd like to achieve this on the Expert classes for 2018. This will be a HUGE help if you have 2 minutes, Please click on the link below and vote for me Shiree Cano to become the Ambassador for Law Tigers Womens Moto Influencer https://www.lawtigers.com/female-influencer-voting/ follow me you tube/IG/twitter/FB @sheemotos or sheemotos.com Thank you in advance,Shiree
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    Women In Wsbk Racing

    My whole mission is to well, of course race. But I'm building a support team for up and coming riders/racer (female). Unless, of course if you want, anyone male can help support with any advice, gear, hotel and paddock sharing etc. My RV is open on track and race days. Website almost running. Trying to focus on finishing my racebike. AFM is right around the corner.
  3. Just want to say Hi. Happy to be here.