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After just coming back from Circuit of the Americas, I wanted to post up some things I noticed about the school. I am a coach, as many of you here already know, but at COTA last week I coached for two days then was a student for two days (because it's fun, and there is always more to learn).


The thing that really struck me is how much the school continues to evolve, how much NEW stuff there is all the time. I coach often and I'm usually a student at least once or twice a year, and yet at almost every school I attend there is something new - a new coaching tool, a new demonstration technique, new Level 4 drills, new equipment, new ideas.... all the time! After so many years in business it is astonishing that the school continues to be so dynamic, observing and integrating new technologies that come from MotoGP and other areas, and constantly refining and adding to the coaching toolbox and student experience.


There are many examples I could share but here is one: even though this was the first time at COTA for CSS, they already had specific close up pictures of the track on screen (ipad and laptops) in the hands of the Level 4 consultants to use for discussion of various line options through corners, etc.; plus some really great close up video clips and photos of pro riders (including slo-mo and freeze frame) to explain to everyone (not just Level 4) various body position techniques and to discuss suspension movement and bike handling in corners.


There is also new data available on the camera bike, dozens of new Level 4 drills, Dylan was spending some time showing some interested students all the data you can see from the Data Logger, and much more.


I was impressed - I'm not sure how anyone could ever get bored or run out of stuff to explore with CSS, and I guess that is proven by the number of students (like me) who come back for Level 4 so many times and at so many tracks. :)

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I suspect I will be a Level 4 repeat offender at CSS by sneaking back into Lv4 again and again because it's fun on multiple levels--as long as I can pass GO, collect $200 and not have to go to jail for being a suspected sneaky repeat offender.

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