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  1. I was sitting with my coach and friends in the south vista overlooking T4 and observed the accident - he was exceptionally well trained, his actions after falling were predictive and by the book; indicative of this young mans exceptional experience and training. You just wanted to reach out and protect him, lift him straight up off the track but you can't, he was doing what he was trained to do in that instance. I started with Keith in Nov 2007 and was CCS-FL licensed this year, I had seen on his web page that my first coach (Misty) had worked with him in June 2007; and here he was dragging elbows - what an incredible inspiration he was to anyone in this sport. Yesterday, right now and tomorrow. That patch is a good idea, every time I'm too afraid to brake a little later, on gas a little sooner, live life a little more fully. What a champion, what a kid... I'm sure his parents know how far he impacted others who never met him, Drew
  2. Hello folks, I just finished level III course on Thunderbolt where a body-head alignment issue was discussed, so went back to work on it at the Lightning track at New Jersey Motorpark a few days ago and filmed turn 5 for training and debrief (NESBA closed all chicanes for some reason). This is the debrief video, I'm wide on line a lot, seeing it I would say I'm way slow on flick, but I will stop there - if anyone wants to take a look, its chronological so the last pass should give some idea of progression and collectively, "habitual" errors, Thanks for the feedback, please be blunt always Drew 44 2005 636 lacloudchaser@yahoo.com
  3. I attended the 1/2 course at Las Vegas in nov and took Tooheys recommendation and picked up a 636 and some skins in Florida (excellent bike!) , well my airline has granted me a B767 job flying out of LAX and Im moving back home to the beach - somewhere on this site I heard Toohey was forming a track day outfit, anyone have the contact? Would like to practice in SoCal before returning for level 3/4. Thanks, Drew
  4. Just wanted to add... I was looking online ("googling") in to fun rides in the Southeast and the famous "Tail of the Dragon" ride and Deals Gap; there I found links to YOUTUBE videos of several crashes, guys following and videoing the crash, or videoing through the windscreen...all layed out in technocolor... And there they were, sometimes really obvious; violations of what you guys teach, of Keiths seminars, over and over, there was Misty telling me to align my shoulders right out of the steering exercise...and there on youtube is what happens on a GSXR when you don't... If anyone's wondering if they should go to CSS, go to youtube and put in " crashes at tail of the dragon " , you know what they say, "moneys cheap - knowledge is priceless" Drew
  5. Two questions for the instructors... Just finished the two day at Las Vegas and exceeded my expectations with the help of Keiths lesson plans and the coaching of Toohey and Marvelous Misty, Before I return to CSS, would like to get some track days this winter in the Atlanta area, two questions perfect for the CSS staff: I have found locally, the choice between a moderately used 2005 ZX6 636 9.5K miles or a pampered 2007 ZX6 as we rode at the school (which I enjoyed greatly of course This is to be almost entirely for the track (and perhaps the blue ridge mtn rides when its street configured). I can save several Lincolns with the 636, but wanted to hear from you guys - just general perceptions of the bikes handling and performance. At 40 I have no plans to race at this time, this will, for now, just be my second most important hobby next to flying (both are happily performed away from cars and cops). Smaller question: Winters get pretty cold, I had total confidence in the rubber in Las Vegas ("Keith said it, so it was so" I get out there on a cold morning in GA or AL at the track and ??, what's the rule, or is there one?? - how long does your dunlops take to reach operating temps? Have the techies published an ambient temperature vs warm up time matrix for race rubber? Thanks for the training CSS, Drew
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