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  1. Steve B, Background: When attending CSS, as students we're always going out on the track with tires that have cooled a bit between the last group, new group getting on, going through course control and out to do our drills. We are always warned to "take it easy for the first few laps because of cold tires". There are two scenarios I'm dealing with now…(running Dunlop American slicks)…Track days and race days..and using tire warmers.. so 1. Track day….at last call for my group, I take off warmers, head out of pits, maybe wait a minute or two, then group is released onto track. I still "take it easy" for at least the first lap 2. Race day…at last call for my class, take off warmers, head out of pits, might wait longer depending on race organization and how things are going that day. Then warm-up lap, back to start and grid. Again, depending on the race organization and how things are going the amount of time sitting before race begins varies.. Question: How much grip is lost from the tire as it cools, either due to time off warmers without riding hard, or because you've you've gotten some heat into tire from riding, but then stopped and gridded, etc…and how does this effect your ability to push the tire on the first lap of a race? Thanks!
  2. I just want to say that I'm getting ready to attend my next session with you guys in December at Infineon, so I just filled out my questionaire a few weeks ago. Sometimes it's a little challenging to answer the questions with any precision...but this article on The Bands of Traction - has crystalized my thoughts and what I will be communicating to my coaches when I arrive. It was the perfect thing for me to read at the perfect time! I can never thank you all enough for the learning! dp
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