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  1. Hey Cobie, I found this clip on youtube........ .......it's kind of refreshing my memory, but it's still a bit sketchy. Maybe I can look at it on my level 4. Cheers Slowass
  2. Kind of Bullet, I can't say it's really stuck in my memory though
  3. Hi Bullet, I really can remember Knee to Knee, but am struggling with hip flick. In my work book hip flick comes after knee to knee. Is hip flick only to used with knee to knee ie. in the chicanes?
  4. I've just been flicking through my CSS work books. In my level 3 book I'm struggling to remember what was taught with the hip flick I remember the knee to knee well, to help with getting through chicanes and keeping the bike stable. However as much as I rack my brain I still can't remember!! I only did my Level 3 this year........Early onset senile dementia?? Cheers Slowass
  5. The front end looks like this lttle guy >
  6. Looks mega, I've been having a read of MCN's review. I see it's at the top of the page now ^^^^^ Any more info CSS guys??
  7. This is true, but maybe not true for Donington, what's going on with that place? I'm still glad I went, albeit briefly to Cadwell. It is a lovely track, really narrow though @Jasonzilla, I woke up at 0230 and just couldn't get back to sleep. I was seriously considering not going at all. Too much nervous energy/excitement methinks.........
  8. So I went to Cadwell, wow what a track I didn't have a good day though. The night before I only managed to get 3 hours sleep, so I was cream crackered when I got to Cadwell. I didn't ride very well, I was rushing into corners and felt very tight on the bike - stiff back and shoulders I stayed until about midday and decided to call it a day. A bit of a shame, but I will go back to Cadwell next year. Cheers Slowass
  9. My initial speed will be slow whilst I'm trying to learn the track/find RP's. Once I've found my way about a bit my speed will be slightly less slow
  10. Using wide view to find some usable RP's for the first few sessions? Focussing on 2/3 step once I have found RP's?? Then flying over the mountain What I'm trying to avoid is just blatting around the track and taking nothing useful away from the day.
  11. Hey Bullet, Cheers for replying. What I want to do is use the tracktime constructively, but I know I can't work on everything all at once. So I'm thinking Level 1 was about keeping the bike stable and throttle control. I would think that using 2 step would help as like you say I've never been to Cadwell. For me to use 2 step I would have to find RP's. Level 2 was a lot of visual stuff 3 step, wide view. Again these will need to be used/help with RP's at an unfamiliar track.
  12. Hi all, I'm doing a trackday in a few days (Cadwell). I've not done one fow a while now nor have I been to Cadwell before. I want to practice what I have learned at the school, I've done levels 1, 2 and 3. I don't just want to ride around the track all day and not improve my riding, or focus on it, IYSWIM. What do you think would be the best thing/s to work on ie 2 step, quick turns etc?? Sorry if this question is a bit vague......... Cheers Slowass
  13. Cheers you too mate. I'm trying to get some trackdays in to practice what I learned, but my damn shifts keep getting in the way <Grrrr> I had a great if knackering day and the track was excellent.
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