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  1. Just wanted to say thanks to the UK office, I gave them a call and the booklet arrived the next day. Maybe their postman has done his Level 5!!
  2. I saw the right come out a few times. Also, when Rossi was really on gas, I think he puts it out less, what do you guys see? CF It looks to me that when he's really on it after passing someone he has a qualifying line which is maybe higher corner speeds and wider turn entries, but when he's fighting someone for the corner, he'll brake later and deeper to block pass or block a pass and that's when he needs the extra balance that the foot out gives him
  3. Hi all, I did my CSS L1 at Brands Hatch last June, fantastic. Back on track tomorrow and I've forgotten the drills, and no printed literature was distributed during the class sessions. I did scribble some notes down on the back of a handout but ...who knows where they are now. I recall about 5 drills, with a later one being called the 2 step. Can't remember much more other than following: Corner entry speed one throttle input per turn (unless its double apex/decreasing rad) Body position (I think this was a precursor to Level 2) Reference points counter steering car
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