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  1. Does the Superbike School offer any discounts for students? Example: working for a Kawasaki dealership.
  2. I believe it was Rossi who said that this action was purely for convince. Let's say your coming up to a hard braking 90* left hand corner. Your on the brakes hard, your left foot downshifts now the braking g's are pulling your left foot forward. Now you need to concentrate on steering, why would you spend energy trying to pull that left foot back on the peg. Let's just let it hang out there till you can bring it back easer. So the reason... just because.
  3. Great info guys... thanks again. will be working on my braking and corner exit.
  4. Damn Fossilfuel, your in the same exact boat as me. Give me a call and I'll give you some pointers on the roads here in Hawaii. On a more serious note... I guess the answer is a simple one. It's partly a machine design and partly a "inexperienced" rider. I will try and see if I can get away from work later this year for school. One question I have for those who instruct or have attended this school. At which point should one attend school. I feel that I should not waste instructors time and mine if I don't have enough of the basics down. I do plan on riding with a friend who has
  5. I'm going to shoot in the dark here. I think when you ride a 600 your more concerned about carrying "momentum". On a bigger bike your concentrating on getting the bike stopped, turned, and making sure that the "drive" off the corner is critical. Is this what you were referring to?
  6. WoW, real great answers. That's probably the reason I posted the question here and nowhere else. Where do I start? Most of the corners are 45-60 mph turns. Yes, we do know the danger with racing on public roads. Unfortunately I am not in the position to store a bike on the mainland, and fly out for track days. I ask what you would do if you moved here. Been riding motorcycles for about a year now. Have been racing cars for 10 years. I have read all of Keith's books and a ton of other riding books, Internet articles, etc. I'm soaking up all the info. I should tell you guys th
  7. I'm on the island of MAUI in Hawaii. Like I stated earlier that we have no track. I do plan on attending this school hopefully this year. I'm trying to "get the basics" down so when I do go for school I'll gain the most out of that experience. I'm not complaining about the high side. I lost the rear coming out of the corner. My dabble is trying to deduce what the reason for the 600 being faster. Did that make cents?
  8. Hi everyone, I have come to a dilemma. Call it a "riders block". I currently own two bikes. One is a 2006 Kawasaki 636 that's pretty much stock with Pirelli corsa III tires. The CBR1000rr is a 2008 model year and has Ohlins suspension and Michillen power race tires. Unfortunately we do not have a track here. We practice on a twisty road which leads up the volcano. With the 600 it was very easy to ride and I can go faster with it than the 1000. Shouldn't the more modern, sticky tire, nice suspension bike be faster? My current issues is trying to figure out what the root cause of the problem
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