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  1. Congrats man!!!! You should be a coach or something :lol: Take it easy. thanks. i'll look into it, hahaha.
  2. Ordered! Went to see the trailer on the slednecks site, and found the link in the first posting is no longer valid. I *think* it's suposed to link to this: http://slednecks.mob...24990&cid=10614 Regards, Kai yeah they probably put up a new post of it. enjoy your viewing pleasure and thanks for the support. Josh
  3. the DVD can be purchased at www.slednecks.com it turned out to be spark plugs or ignition coils. we changed both right before i went out for the last bit of practice before the race. i was blowing corners pretty bad because i finally had more power. i instantly increased my times by a second to a second and a half without much practice with the new, more lively bike. too bad i couldn't keep it together and i had to chuck myself down the track and break my neck, wrist, and hand. but i'm back and feeling and riding better than ever. Josh
  4. thanks guys. yep, i'm still ripping the same '07 ZX-6R that i've been racing for the past 4 years and it's still doing the business. Josh
  5. it should ship out there. Raffe bought a copy and saw it. you might need to call into the office. 1-928-522-5700 we're trying to get it out for sure. what is a big motorcycling magazine over there, or in Europe?
  6. the new 'Minor Details' DVD is out and shipping. check out the trailer below and get your copy. http://www.slednecks.com/sledneckTV.php?pl...or_Details_Main
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