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  1. I'll be attending the April LV class. Anything special i should be doing to prepare for class?
  2. i live in hawaii, so none of them are hometown. willows will probably be the closest, n i've already been invited by friends. but my goal is to get a good foundation that i can use on any track. cobie, what's the big advantage of having the elevations changes, or is it just more fun? i think i'd like to try out the slide bike. would be really disappointed if i my choice of track made it so i couldn't play w/ it.
  3. I'm looking at doing one of the 2 day classes this coming year, but was wondering if one track was better than the others. initally i was thinking LV since they have NHRA drag races the same weekend, for the bf. but I saw the lay out of the LV and it didn't look as intimidating as Streets of Willow or Miller motor speedway. Anyone have preference of which track to school at? this will be my first track experience ever. i've heard a lot of ppl say that willows might not be a good choice since track conditions might not be prime. being my first track day and all, that i might want to be able to concentrate on learning skills. miller looks like it might be fun, but ppl are saying it's a 'fast' track. i'm thinking it might not be a problem since it's school. favoring this track right now. but any input is welcome.
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