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  1. Just wondering what are peoples opinion on how often to change the fork oil? I've been changing my fork oil every 2 years, but my bike is a street bike ridden once a month if lucky.
  2. I use the rear brakes only to tighten my line in a corner.
  3. Hi, yes its a sad fact of life, you get a bunch of people thinking that they are all Rossi (even though they have sh!t skills) and they treat the road as a racetrack. They put themselves and other road users in a situation that is too dangerous. That's why I only like to ride in a small group and who don't egg each other on. A proper rider knows when and where to ride and knows how to control their urges. I've gone on enough large groups rides (even not so large) to put me off riding with people I don't know for life. Like I said the invitation is still there just send a PM and you're welcome to ride with us. I'm also teaching a newbie how to and how not to ride, so it's possibly a good time to ride with us as we are going at a moderately slower pace. I get a satisfaction knowing that I taught a newbie how to ride safe and ride properly without endangering themselves and others.
  4. A bunch of us will catching up at the Ducati OWNERS CLUB OF NSW - 2010 CONCOURSE D´ELEGANCE Sunday, 19th September, 2010 at the Moorong Spinal Unit grounds, Royal Rehabilitation Centre, Victoria Road, RYDE, NSW.
  5. I did the complete loop from Hornsby to Wiseman Ferry, cross the river and ended on the Old Road at the Pie in the Sky on sunday. Mind you we did take our convertible for a leisurely drive and a nice picnic besides the river. Due to the wind on saturday, there was alot of twigs and leaves left on the road. This should clear up for your run next sunday.
  6. I can get my left knee down more often than my right knee (50% less) is this due to Aussies riders riding on the left hand side of the road? Or is it an unspoken riders rule that I shouldn't get my knee down on twisties road (rural public roads)??
  7. I've got my niece 8th birthday on that sunday, but I will be up the Old Road in the afternoon. So if your are heading home that way give me a PM.
  8. I like to thanks Keith techniques from me avoiding a low side on the weekend. It was a very windy day and I was going around a blind corner, a small tree branch lay across the entire road. It was a thin (no more than 2 inchs thick) long branch. There was no way to avoid the branch, rather than applying front brake (most likely crash), I mange to eye the thinest part of the branch, ease off the throttle (which stands the bike) and apply the throttle again and countersteering. As I was relax and not gripping the bars with a death drip my front tyre still slid about 30-40cm over the branch, I just let my bike did what it naturally did and not try to fight it. I stopped up the road and moved the branch off the road and had a dirty great smile on my face knowing that the outcome could have been different if I didn't read Keith book. Thanks mate.
  9. Your welcome to join us (if you don't mind riding with Italian motorcyles). I've gone on a few large group rides and alot of people get pushed beyond their ability - at least someone will crash. We ride in a smaller group 4-6 riders and do no push each other to go faster etc. Its not worth doing that and loose your license or loose a friend. Riding in a smaller group at least we know each ones ability and riding style.
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