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  1. Quickbuck's Actrix VMCC Round 6. Taupo 29 October 2011 Hi All, Round 6 of the Actrix Victoria Motorcycle Club Championships saw us heading to Taupo to compete. It has been a while since I was last at Taupo Motor Sport Park, and that was on my 1992 CBR600 Road bike. In fact it was 2008, when we had a RNZAF only day there with Honda Riders Club. So, I had almost forgotten which way the track went, and the lap record had absolutely no relevance to the Ninja 250R in any case. As I didn't want to take 2 vehicles to Taupo, I managed to organise getting my gear up where in the back of Le
  2. quickbuck's Actrix VMCC Round 5. 24 September 2011 Hi All, I had the Friday preceding Round 5 off, so rather than enter the Manfeild "Test Day" I decided I would be better just to relax and go over my bike in slow time, and prep for the next days racing. I headed into Palmerston North and got some new blood for the bike in the form of Motul 5100. I also picked up a measuring container for fuel while I was there. I decided to get my petrol there too, as it would save me 15 minutes the next morning. I Changed the Oil, and re lockwired up the drain plug, filter housing, and filler ca
  3. quickbuck's Actrix VMCC Round 4. 21 August 2011 Hi All, As per usual, I will start with the events leading up to round 4. After round 3, I needed to put the number on the nose of the bike on the other side. So, I contacted Billy from race fairings, and got him to make me a new top fairing. Thanks very much for the prompt service on that Billy. Then I got it painted, along with my front guard (Stone damage from my crash last year) by Paul Martin, at RNZAF Base Ohakea Paint Shop. Top work Paul, and there were many comments on race day on how shiny my bike looked. I took the bike int
  4. quickbuck's Actrix VMCC Round 3. 16 July 2011 I'll start in the weeks leading up to round 3. Basically I had parked my bike in the shed from round 2, and didn't look at it apart from take all the graphics off it that magically appeared. I remembered on Thursday afternoon I was supposed to renew my race license! I rung MNZ, and found I was too late. If I remembered as soon as I got home after last round all would have been sweet, but I failed! After basically four weeks of rain, I was looking forward to at least one fine day, and the forecast started to look good. I loaded the
  5. quickbuck's Actrix VMCC Round 2. 18 & 19 June 2011 As soon as I finished Round 1, I had the bike back in the shed, and stripped of it's new fairings so the Paint Shop could work their magic on them over the next 3 weeks. Lets just say Paul Martin is a perfectionist, and did a fantastic job on them. On the Thursday afternoon prior to Round 2 I noticed my brake fluid a little low. This could mean one of two things. As I didn't have any leaks the only other explanation was my pads were low on material. A quick check confirmed this. So a ring to AFC in Palmerston North was made, and they
  6. Quickbuck's Actrix VMCC Round 1 14 MAY 2011 Righto, lets start with the week before...... Prolite 250 Ninja 250R was sitting there in the garage all naked with no wheels on it. Leathers were still with Sam at Celtic, and I needed to get my fairings home from work. I also needed some knee sliders.... So it was Trade Me for those. Dunlop supplied me with some new tyres, and I got them fitted. Billy had finished my fairings and got them sent to work. Over the week I got all the stuff in one sock, and got my fairings fitted to my bike. Unfortunately I didn't leave the painters enough time to
  7. Thanks all for the warm welcome. Yes, jasonzilla, it works VERY well on my 600... The suspension isn't in need f a service after all Oh, and kiwi, I will not hesitate to give you a yell if I ever need one.... I already put the word out to about 200 people at work Jase, you really think my corner speed is fast? Well, let me tell you.... Actually that leads me into my past riding experience, like bullet wanted: Age 6, I got to sit on the tank of my dads brand new Honda XL125 Farm bike. I quickly learnt how to twist the throttle, and pull in the clutch, and use the front brake and
  8. Hi all, Just completed level 1 and 2 at Hampton Downs last Thursday and Friday. Had a blast! Learned lots.... Well, aligned lots really. Jason was my coach for both days, and was fantastic. Anybody wondering if they should do CSS? I say, you can't really afford not to! It is the best performance mod you can do to a motorcycle.... and one of the cheapest! It is also a mod that ladts forever.... Cheers. QB.
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