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  1. Thanks Jim!! what's the "specs of your neat ride"? I don't understand it...
  2. Hello Charles, WOW! How long have you been riding? What bike are you riding? How many riding school/track days have you attended? Looks like you have mastered cornering (judging by your picture) Cheers, KawaKlaus I just have been riding since 2007, this is my 2nd bike, a GSX-R 600 K8 (first was a CBR-600F that I sold destroyed). This picture is from my first riding school day in the Action Team Suzuki School at Montmeló. Of course I read Twist several times first
  3. If you don't feel confident don't do it. I don't stick my knee out in the street, it's not necessary. I use it as a lean angle indicator on track only
  4. Thanks a lot!! Yeah, this is me in Circuit de Catalunya (Montmeló), 3 weeks ago. It was an amazing trackday
  5. Hello, my name's Carles and I'm from Barcelona (Spain). I'm very interested in learning all about your technique, cornering masters! Congratulations for the forum, I've been reading it and it's fantastic. Please excuse my english.
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