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  1. Thanks for all the comments , i think i will go with Satos's , have to wait for the payday though:)
  2. @boredcol WOW , great price but they dont have them for my bike:/ @warregi The only thing holding me back from getting Satos is the price , i think they're the most expensive ones but probably worth it as i haven't heard a single bad word about them.
  3. @AryM I've checked on ebay alredy , but only US sellers got them but i will keep on looking because i like them alot:) @Easty Gilles were my first choice but i read some mixed comments about them so i decided to ask here:) Some people complain that they brake easily during a crash and heal plates get loosed. btw I've got a Zx6r too:)
  4. Nice! , never heard about LighTech before , shame they dont sell them in UK:/ and shipping from US would cost 20% tax + delivery;/
  5. Hi everyone, i just had a crash recently and my stock rearsets were completly wrecked on both sides so i figured out that it's a good time to buy some aftermarket ones but i can't decide which one:/ I'm thinking about sato's or gilles , vortex also seems to be good choice but they are not available here in uk. I'm looking for something solid that won't fall apart after a crash and also have a wide range of adjustability( hope i'm not asking for too much:] ) Any advice would be highly appreciared:)
  6. Apex Mfg makes a fully adjustable clip-on which is very reasonably priced. Because of my neck injury I needed to get my body a bit more upright on my R6. I didn't want to go with a superbike handlebar conversion kit, so I tried the Apex clip-ons. You may have to change some cables and/or trim your windscreen, but otherwise the installation was very easy and the bars are awesome. You can see more on this product at this link: http://stores.sportb...ail.bok?no=7685 I like those clip ons , think i will try something like that. Thanks for info:)
  7. Hi, I'm trying to make my bike more comfortable to ride . I'm qiute tall (6'3) and ride a 09 zx6r. Apart from adjustable rearsets what else can i change? I though about moving the handlebars a bit forward but don't think they are adjustable. Any advice will be appreciate:)
  8. What should i use to clean the pistons and the inside of a brake caliper. I've heard that wd-40 might damage the seals.
  9. I'm asking about this because i've been trying to learn how to blip the throttle properly while holding the rear brake. Can't get it right with the stock brake lever , maybe it would be easier with the short one.
  10. Thanks for the info , can't wait for the weather to improve
  11. Which company u book ur trackdays with? Which one can u recomend for a beginner?
  12. I will recive my exhaust in the next couple of days , hopefully i will not have the same problem as you but it's good to know that there is a solution to it just in case. Thanks for good advice!
  13. Thanks mate , waiting for the pics!
  14. This is exactly what i'm worry about:/ Are you touching the exhaust with your boot or is just because it's so close to it? How may miles have u done before it happened?
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