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  1. Would be interested to know what this is. Does sound like anything I did in level 2.... Remember the last exercise in Level 2, in a way a bridge to what we do in Level 3? CF I think you are referring to the pick up drill. I cant see how this is relevant to the discussion though???
  2. Would be interested to know what this is. Does sound like anything I did in level 2....
  3. In my example it was a rear wheel slide. It really wasnt a bad one, I dont believe I did anything 'wrong' to cause it or recover from it. I would guess that someone more experienced than me would have been completey unbothered by it. As for schools, I've done css 1, 2 and 3. Shame the slide bike was unavailable during them. The only deliberate slides I've practiced is locking the front or rear wheel on the brakes. It would be good to do a similar type of thing with cornering but I just cant bring myself to risk trashing my beautiful bike by sliding round a corner on purpose! Is there a low risk way of practicing sliding on a corner?
  4. Thanks for the responses so far. Just to clarify one thing. When I have experienced slides I have been happy with the way I have handled them, pretty much done nothing and let the bike sort itself out. What annoys me is the psychological effect it has on me afterwards ie. I ride like a granny for ages afterwards! Would love to have a crack at the slide bike at CSS but it was not available on the days I did my levels 1,2 and 3 at Silverstone :-(
  5. I have an ongoing issue which I wonder if other people experience or have advice for.... Whenever I experience a slide in a corner, no matter how small, it knocks my confidence for long time. Whenever it happens, I get totally spooked and back right off and it takes me ages to build back up again. For example, I was doing a track day last month (in the intermediate group) and it had rained overnight. So the day started on a damp track that was gradually drying. Half way through the first session I had a mid corner slide on a damp corner, it was only a little one just as I was getting on the throttle, but I was not really pushing and it really surprised me. From that moment on I backed way off and was still suspicious of the grip levels when the track had dried out. By the end of the day I had still not got back to my normal cornering speed, probably about 10% down. I then felt frustrated that I had not made progress on my track day as the one thing I wanted to do was push my boundaries a little and improve my cornering speed! Thoughts?
  6. Well my Qualifier II's are nearly shot and I'm going for Sportsmarts next. On track I was running the Qualifiers 32F and 30R (cold) in all conditions and they performed well. Can you recommend cold pressures for track, wet and dry, for the Sportsmarts please? Bear in mind I'm in the UK so average temp is about 20C (68F) in the summer, and I'm Intermediate group speed wise. Thanks.
  7. Interesting thread.... I've only been riding sports bikes for about 2 years and until recently have always stuck with the standard 36/42 psi. I've been building up my confidence, skills and speed so up until recently tyre pressures (other than standard) have not been an issue really. I did a track day on my new Fireblade in October last year and dropped my pressures to 32/32 on the advice of my instructor for the day. I must say I liked the way the bike felt after the change. At the end of the day I pumped my tyres back up to 36/42 and my instructor asked my why, "if I liked the 32/32 why change back?". I didn't really have an answer except that Honda must have good reason to recommend the pressures they do. I changed my tyres to Qualifier II's a couple of weeks ago and I've decided to plump for 34/36 for now. Mainly because many people seem to like that for the roads (looking at internet forums) and its sort of half way between 32/32 and 36/42. My question for DUNLOP-RTS is.... The point #3 you refer to in another post suggests that lowering pressure increases traction at the expense of stability. What would a loss of stability due to lower pressures feel like and when would it occur (corners, high speed, braking...)? I did some serious cornering and 140 mph on the (not very long) main straight on my track day with 32/32 and don't think I experienced any instability. I appreciate your need for caution when talking about street pressures, so any subtle hints would be appreciated!
  8. Thanks for the info Mr Bullet, very informative. From that I would deduce that the SportSmart is the best choice for someone that needs a road tyre that also does a fair few serious track days. I am somebody that only does the occaisonal track day (including doing CSS levels 1 & 2 at Silverstone this coming spring!). So I'm looking for a tyre with road performance in the UKs highly varied conditions (!) in the main + decent track performance 4 or 5 times per year. I think the Qualifier II is right up my street given what I am looking for, and I have just bought a pair - will put them to the test when the roads are free of ice & snow (I hate winter!) What I would be interested to hear is a comparison of street performance of the Q II vs SportSmart....
  9. I have another question for DUNLOP-RTS.... Can you summarise how the new SportSmart tyre compares to the Qualifier II (UK spec in both cases) please? Key things that spring to mind are :- Dry grip Wet grip Grip in cold conditions Warm up time Longevity I would like to know how they rate against each other in both street and track day usage.
  10. Thanks for the replies chaps. That explains it. Just out of curiosity, why would Dunlop produce a different design for the US? PS. I'm getting a pair of Q2s fitted to my blade at the weekend, they had better be good!
  11. Hopefully DUNLOP-RTS can help here..... I've been doing my research on the new Qualifier tyres and there appear to be 2 kinds - Q2 and Qualifier II. Each seems to have a different tread pattern, see links below :- http://www.dunlopmotorcycle.com/Dunlop_Q2/sportmaxQ2.html http://www.dunlop-tires.com/dunlop_uk/mc/tyres/on_road/Sportmax_Qualifier_II.jsp Can you explain what the difference is please?
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