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  1. Got it. Makes sense. I blast them out of the corners, but they crush me on the down hill curves. I thought it was some thing I was doing or was'nt doing. Frustrating, but now I've got it. thanks all!
  2. Lots of good advice! thanks. I've been playing with the traction control on the 1198, and was wondering why I still could'nt make the turns coming in hot. I guess I was relying too much on it. The guys Im riding with have smaller bikes, and even some hyper motards, and they seem to be crankiing through the turns harder than me?
  3. I've been downshifting in the turn, after coming into the curve too hot, back tire kicking out on me. I'm comfortable on the track in the bowls, but the streets, downhill are kicking my ass.
  4. That' my problem, I feel like I have too much weight on the handlebars, and my bike dosent want to lean into the turn easliy. I don't know if I should downshift, or ride the rear brake, It just dosent feel smooth and natural, especially on the steep downhills.
  5. I need some help-guidance for downhill conering. On roads, not the track, I'm having a hard time taking the corners coming down a hill? Any advice?
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