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  • Have you attended a California Superbike School school?
    no, come to texas (DFW) and i will. :)
  1. I have a pair of those as well as my Vortice Airs. Both boots have been worn regularly and the A* are stiffer feeling overall even after break in. I think it's due to the inner boot/outer boot combo, there's just more material there. Personally, I favor the Sidi's because I feel the ankle protection is better. I will be checking out the 2011 model of the SMX Plus when they become available. Looks like they stole borrowed part of the "ghost doctor" idea that Puma was using and rebranded it "multi link control". Local supplier here (TX) told me they will be hard to come by until June though, apparently the first shipment to the states is about 200 units or so.
  2. I probably put anywhere from 150 ~ 200ish a week on my 600. Depends on how much extra time I get to ride for fun. Also have a 250 that gets some occasional use...it's fun in the corners.
  3. I don't own a car, I ride the Vortice Airs daily, love them. Personally, I don't feel they are too restrictive. *however* I am not the average daily rider. I also wear full leathers, a Knox Contour back protector, and RS Taichi GP-EVO gloves every time I get on the bike. Essentially, I wear full track gear all the time...even in the TX heat. I learned my lesson when I was an "invincible kid" many years ago.
  4. Ok, check that link again, more pics are up. In the first close up pic you can see the aluminum overlay (under the foot peg) that covers the actual heat shield material (under the brake pedal). The following pics show the stand offs I had welded to the exhaust to attach the cover/shield sandwich contraption. Not pretty but it works. The actual heat shield is from this company, it's the stainless version.
  5. Occasionally my boot will hit the top, but it doesn't rest on it. The occasional touches combine with the summer heat here (Dallas TX) just melted it. Took about two rides of a few hours for me to notice it. I've had to fab up a ghetto-fabilous heat shield in order to stop it. I'll get some pics loaded this afternoon.
  6. I'd be careful with an exhaust like that, I've got a very similar style slash cut by Area P that melted my Vortices. Pics here
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