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  1. Hey everyone, Thanks for your quick response! No doubt I'll start from Level 1 and continue from there. I already phoned the office in UK to gather more information about their 2 days school in Kaloyanovo on the Drakon Track, Bulgaria. I wanted to be sure that the coaches from UK will be there. It would be a waste of time and money to be coached by some Bulgarian amateurs. Did anyone from East of Europe went to this track with CSS? I am curious about how things worked there, the facilities, accommodation, etc. On 14th and 15th of May CSS should have been there. Cheers, S
  2. Hello everyone, I write to you from East Europe, Romania. At this moment I have some track experience but all I've learned so far was from TOTW2, CSS UK TV Show and few tips from different skilled local riders. Didn't attended to any riding schools yet and I'm convinced I have to do it faster rather than later. The problem is that I don't know to which Levels I should start from and I hope I can find my answer here, as the date of 30th July is getting closer and closer. That's the date of the Drakon track CSS event takes place, in Bulgaria. Anyone has further details about this event? I have been riding on a couple of tracks so far: Serres - Greece twice, Slovakiaring - Slovakia, Pannonia Ring - Hungary, and a small local track used manly for gokarts. I still have huge areas to improve and one that is crucial is to stop crashing so often. I'll let the pictures say the rest and hopefully a CSS coach or an experienced racer might give me an advice. Thank you in advance, S
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