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  1. I'm still trying to figure this one out and all I can surmise is he started a turn-in, in the rain, while still braking. Go to 7:51 in the video and watch the front tire closely. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDKTY_ebWHg&feature=g-all-u Thoughts?
  2. Anyone know of an experienced Dainese leather repair shop on the East Coast? I found one in California,Anthony's Leather Repair. They are an authorized Dainese repair shop, but want to find out if there is one closer to home. Thanks
  3. This statement is an omen and I should have read this before now. Man, what problems I have had with an allegedly new bike. Words of wisdom to share, don't trust anyone else with your bike. Check everything yourself, especially after work is done. Even if it is a new and under warranty, dealers and the factory make mistakes which could be costly and perhaps deadly.
  4. I was there with you, on the Tuono and wearing the Sig Sauer hat. It was good to see another Ape out there. Sold my Tuono last Friday and bought an 08 RSV Factory on Sunday. Not the fastest, but I like the uniqueness and fun factor. See you at Barber next year!
  5. Here is the entire article for Marc Green's article. Six Laws of Attention Thanks for presenting this.
  6. Got my paperwork for both schools today. Bummed to find out the lean bike cannot be used at Road Atlanta in the Level 2 class. I thought they had a big open area for this.
  7. I try to keep a positive attitude, but I keep hearing thevoice of a salty old Marine Gunny I worked with yelling "Expect the worst,hope for the best". I know I don't have the track skills anywherenear anyone else on this forum, but I do think I am a smart rider and know the odds are against me on the street. I try not to wade into the shallow end of the gene pool and put myself in compromising situations where there is no escape route. One of my biggest SR's is fear of cars. I don't trust the driver's ability or judgment and I let that consume my $10 worth of attention. Riding up in the North Georgia Mountains can be stressful because of all the drivers crossing over the center line in corners and weaving because they are sightseeing.There is a scene from the Twist 2 DVD where a truck crosses over the center line just as the rider is heading into a turn. I caught myself all tensed up just watching the video! I typically stay away from the center line at alltimes, but I know people who will push it hard on public roads and get right on the center line in turns. Not me! I've had my fair share of drivers who either pull out in front of me or nearly do it, as I'm sure any rider with more than a couple months of riding experience has. I think it is smart to try and visualize escape and recovery, but don't burn your attention on it. I think in most cases you will be presented with a scenario you didn't expect or it will happen too fast, at least with cars involved. Riding at dusk here in Georgia can be an issue because of deer. Hard to strategize a what if scenario going 70mph on the interstate and a 190lb deer darts in your path out of the woods. Same for a blown tire in a high speed turn, probably not going to end well. For those types of scenarios, I don't dwell on it because there isn't a whole lot I can do about it, apart from expect the worst and hope for the best. It does keep your awareness level up. OUT
  8. Signed up for Level 1 at Barber in June and Level 2 at Road Atlanta in August. Trying to work a deal now to trade in my 2007 Tuono for a 2010 CBR 1000RR. I think I'll be much more satisfied on the track with the CBR.
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