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  1. Carey, I appreciate the input. I have decided to go ahead and complete 3 & 4 before moving on to RACE. I clearly am not ready but I will be! Thanks to all for posting. Tracy
  2. Thanks again. I've decided to take 3 & 4. I'm on the wait list for laguna and booked Sonoma in the fall as a fall back. The 2:11 was clockwise at Vegas. In the meantime I'll get some track days in and keep working on my skills. I freakin love going fast on motorcycles! Anyone know of any track days at thunder hill, Sonoma or laguna seca anyt time soon? I can comfortably hit any of these tracks from my location.
  3. Wow! I am going to need therapy after all this feedback!
  4. Thanks Tyler, I'm definitely getting ahead of myself. I appreciate you helping me to get some perspective. As you know from working the corners, there's a lot of traffic and rules for passing. With that said my best lap at vegas was 00:02:11. I was only passed by coaches and one of the corner workers but he freakin blew my doors off. I was working on technic more than trying to get around the track the fastest. Truth is, I only took it out of rain mode on the last session of the second day. Regardless, I get your point and see that I don't have near the experience necessary at this time.
  5. I just completed the LVL 1 & 2 at Las Vegas this last weekend and feel like I did pretty well. My track coaches were Chris - LVL 1 and James LVL 2. I called the office today hoping to book LVL's 3 & 4 at either Sonoma or Laguna then continue on to R.A.C.E. Ultimately, I'd like to do a little club racing, not because I think I'll be competitive (too old and fat!) but because it's something I have always wanted to do. When I called the office today, the nice lady said that I didn't necessarily have to complete levels 3 and 4 to enroll in R.A.C.E. I'd like some feedback on this please. Thank you very much. Tracy Bullard
  6. Does anyone have a recommendation for Lodging near the track? Where does the Crew stay? It would be nice to be close to other ppl that are registered. Can you park an RV and stay at the track? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks Tracy
  7. I thought that was probably the case and I did feel a little bad about it. I did post the cash for the two day class though, I hope that helps to negate any hard feelings.
  8. Sorry, one more question. Is there any chance the motorcycles you guys use come with an option to use a GP shift setup. I am finally used to mine and am concerned about switching back to standard again. Could really be a bummer to have to think about shift patterns with everything else running in my head. Thanks again.
  9. Oh and some items that I left off for modifications. I had the boys at Super Plush Suspension fine tune my suspension because I come a little large than stock at 220lbs. They took measurements, did the calculations and set it for me right there on the spot. They were very cool and it was affordable. I also have tank grips. Pulled the Twist of the Wrist II video off of YouTube (Hope that's ok!). It's a bit tough to get through but the information is very good and I didn't know a lot of the stuff which really surprised me. I try to watch or read something every night before bed and then think about and apply it on my commute the next day. March 31 cant come quickly enough! I am not sure what the temperatures are going to be at Sonoma the end of March, I am hoping for moderate to cool. Hydration is always important and I will try to keep up on that. Thanks again for all the input
  10. Thanks all for the info. I really appreciate you taking the time help.
  11. Hello, My name is Tracy and I am new here. I just finished my "Legal" paperwork for the March/April 2 day class at Sonoma Raceway. I have been riding a long time but took a lengthy sabbatical (15 years) Last May, I purchased a new 2013 BMW S1000RR. It's freaking AWESOME! I live in the SF Bay Area and am using it to commute from SF (San Francisco) to SJ (San Jose). Its 50 miles one way. I have racked up 15,000 miles on my little scooter and am on the very end of my second rear tire. I have done very little to it with the exception of adding HP adjustable rear-set and reverse shift linkage. I did put all the protective gear on it I could find for when my number is pulled and I shaved the front indicators using a custom indicator light that is incorporated into the BWM emblem on both sides of the bike! I am not going to lie, it took me much longer to get comfortable on the bike than I thought it would. Everyday I seem to learn something new on it and the local cagers keep me on my toes. With that in mind, I am 48 years old and not in particularly good shape, not fat, but no Greek god either. I have a little less than 4 months before my scheduled track days and was hoping some of you could give me some advice on how to make the most of my 2 days, with regard to educational material, specific exercising and that sort of thing. I have attached a picture of my lil scooter because I love showing it off! Thank you in advance.
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