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  1. Heh, thanks! Someone owns the actual picture and I'm sure I'm violating a few copyright clauses...
  2. I have the Joe's Racing gauge, too. Last time I was at the track, I got it compared against a gauge that a race school instructor was running in his paddock (also does tire and suspension work)... mine was off by 1 psi. So now, I simply subtract 1 psi from what the gauge reads. It is pretty well built and gets the job done for not a lot of money.
  3. Do you reckon you'd be at Willow Springs? That is what I'm shooting for at the moment to do in mid-September. A few stars have to line up for this to happen, but I'm trying my darnedest. I'll defintieyl come up and say hi if you're there.
  4. Old story, I know, but it is kinda awesome, so I feel like sharing it! This was my first track day ever and it was in College Station, TX... five-plus hours from where I live. I was going to do it along with a member from zx6r.com and camp with him (we were doing the entire weekend). He ended up dislocating his shoulder that morning, getting his bike onto the back of his truck. I felt there was no way I could have done it alone, all by myself, but I did set out because I couldn't let all of that anticipation fizzle out. It was a horrendous drive, my first time with a trailer and the sodding rain all the way to the track... I had zero clue as to the protocol. I looked for an open spot to pull in, found a few people hanging out next to an empty paddock, walked up to them and told them it was my first time ever at a track. They invited me in to pit with them, offered me a beer, and helped me with registration and unloading my bike. I'd known them for barely five minutes! Then, as we were about to fold for the night, I decided to sleep in the car, when one of the guys comes up to me and offers me a spot in his trailer to crash for the night. I don't think I've ever experienced such help from complete strangers before. The track is, indeed, a funny place with amazing people out there. My first weekend at the track would have probably been intolerable if it wasn't for that group of guys... I managed to keep my calm and stay on the bike on what was a cold and wet weekend filled with some crazy crashes.
  5. @csmith12: Trying to remember from ToTW2, is it the line that would let me apply the throttle control rule? Thanks for the inisght, mate. I can't wait to break down this series of robotic movements and build on a sensible riding style. @rchase: I appreciate the insight, Robert. Seems like Level 1 will really help me with what I've been missing, and probably what I should have focused on (still on the fence regarding this and body position). I'm really looking forward to doing level 1 at Willow Springs next month and experience this for myself.
  6. Thank you for the reassurance, guys! I'm not too worried about the Beemer now, and am trying to make it out to Willow Springs for a level 1 course in September (fingers crossed). I have a few general questions for you guys, and this pertains to why I feel I need school: I don't think I'm able to figure out lines on my own, as in mentally process them and set up for the upcoming corner. The X's on the track make that easy, and in my mind, have deprived me of thinking ahead. I could be wrong on this, though, considering how little experience I've had with track days. I spend way too much time setting up for a corner and adjusting my body position, and I'm slow to get back on the bike as well. It is as if I need to remind myself to get back on the bike and feed the power. I think I take the 'slow in, fast out' concept way too seriously! I'm into a corner at almost snail's pace, though I'm somewhat content with my exit speeds (do please note that speed isn't my main concern, but I'm too hard on the brakes and decelerationn and too much of a chicken before tipping in). Considering that my first target was working on body position, it has consumed way too much of my time and I haven't got the speed for the amount of hanging off I do, lol! My pictures make it seem that I am fast, but I'm really not. Pace-wise, I'm probably middle of the pack in Novice. So, I do look pretty exaggerated, and have been working on pulling my inside knee in a bit more since then. The control rider behind me does not have to get off as much for the same corner Without turning this into a mashup, one final thought/ question... I'm kinda uncomfortable with cranking it all the way on the fast straight, though I've been working on it. Anything beyond 130 mph, and I begin to worry about braking for T1 at Texas World Speedway (thought I reckon that may carry onto other tracks as well). Is this because I've not been in motorcycling for long and simply not used to those speeds (did I just answer my own question?)? So, school... Will I be able to visualize lines on the track and actually be able to cut crisp sections rather than making multiple mid-corner changes? It feels like I'm missing a dimension about track riding that I'm having a hard time explaining here, but it feels incomplete at the moment. So far, my track experience has helped me stay upright, but hasn't really taught me the science behind clean and crisp riding, with smooth inputs and transition. Has anyone been in a similar boat before? Sorry for the novel, but I felt this needed to be asked. I really appreciate all the responses so far.
  7. Thanks for the answer! I just switched over the GP style, and it would take a good getting used to to switch back! Also, I've never ridden a literbike before. Could be interesting...!
  8. Thanks, Tyler! I could ask the chap who owned it before I did where his prankster friends got them from... has a UK website on them. Barber is quite a ways for me, around 9 hours, I think. If I do make it out to a school, I'd definitely have to fly out and utilize one of the school's bikes instead of hauling my own. Just out of curiosity, how different does it feel to ride an S1000RR at the track and get back onto your own bike, especially a 600 (unless it's a Beemer as well!)? Are the school's bikes GP-shift? Am I asking questions that I'm expected to look up in FAQs?
  9. Thank you for the welcome, guys! The knee sliders were a Halloween prank on a hammiedown suit from said CSS graduate!!! He hates them, but I think they're awesome. About the body position, I've been working on it consistently. I got better the last time I was at the track, but I feel that I still stretch my lanky frame across the bike, and need to smoothen out the hanging off. To answer your question, Jeff, I'm able to keep that position on an upright bike on stands, though I feel that I need to work on my core a lot more. I've been working on not getting my inside knee stick out as far and actually 'kick' out of my outside footing (if this makes any sense) to get an input on the inside bar, which definitely helps with being able to stay on the bike. My earlier misunderstanding of the body position was the classic crossed up butt completely off the seat and head in the cockpit position. Oh, I have the book and the video (granted, on YT)! The video helped me get back back on my old SV when I crashed three days into biking... classic SR-induced lowside in a corner! Time to do justice and buy the DVD. I loved visiting Barber on my epic Fourth of July trip from central Lousiaiana to Atlanta on the bike (nope, not much heed paid to body position then, lol!). I stumbled upon the museum and salivated for a few hours in there. I'd love to ride at the track since I've heard so much about how amazing it is. I need for a few things to click monetarily before I can make it out to school. I will likely splurge my track-day allowance on school, though. I simply feel like I'm missing an aspect of thinking for myself at regular track days, and I need someone to open the door to that for me. I'll be sure to come up and introduce myself should I make it out there. Anurag (unconventional sounding name, yes)
  10. Howdy, people?! I'm here to seek the teachings of the goatee. About me... I'll try to keep the story short: I've been riding for about a year-and-a-half, 15,000-ish mostly street miles and on my second bike, a ZX6R. My first bike was an SV650SF. I live in middle-of-nowhere Louisiana. I ran into a CSS graduate after crashing for the second time because I made too many mistakes (and became fast friends) who showed me how to really ride a supersports bike. Since then, I've become a super-humble student of the science behind riding and have gotten my feet wet at the track. I'm about four track days in and am somewhat confident with faster speeds. That does not mean I understand everything, and I feel that I need a somewhat more focused place to learn the basics before I go back to the track. My overall goal is to get my yellow numbers, so I'm seriously considering doing a CSS course so I learn faster. This is me the last time I was at track... was working primarily on body position Looking forward to doing a CSS course soon and eventually running into some of you lot. Can't wait to begin learning the science and soak in the education. Happy to share the passion with all of you similarly obsessed people out there.
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